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Fingertip Replantation at or Distal to the Nail Base: Use of the Technique of Artery-Only Anastomosis
The authors describe the functional and aesthetic results of microsurgical replantation of 21 fingertip amputations at or distal to the nail base—namely, zone I amputations. There were 15 male and 6Expand
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Ring Avulsion Replantation by Extended Debridement of the Avulsed Digital Artery and Interposition With Long Venous Grafts
Ring avulsion replantation is a technically challenging procedure with a very low success rate. Because the zone of arterial injury is more extensive than what it appears to be in such avulsionExpand
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Rehabiliation of Flexor Tendon Injuries by Use of a Combined Regimen of Modified Kleinert and Modified Duran Techniques
Çetin A, Dinçer F, Keçik A, Çetin M: Rehabilitation of flexor tendon injuries by use of a combined regimen of modified Kleinert and modified Duran techniques. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2001;80:721–728.Expand
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End-to-side neurorrhaphies of the ulnar and median nerves at the wrist: report of two cases without sensory or motor improvement.
The authors present two unsuccessful clinical cases of end-to-side neurorrhaphy. In the first patient the distal median nerve was coapted in an end-to-side manner to the intact ulnar nerve. In theExpand
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Replantation of nearly total nose amputation without venous anastomosis.
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A new flap design: neural-island flap.
This report introduces the "neural-island flap" concept, which represents a consistent and reliable skin flap design supplied only by the intrinsic vasculature of a cutaneous nerve. In this study,Expand
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A new experimental flap model in the rabbit: scapular osteomyocutaneous flap.
Despite the use of various types of osteomyocutaneous flaps in clinical practice, there are many unanswered questions regarding their basic physiology. Simple and reliable flap models are needed toExpand
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Sharing the radial forearm flap in reconstruction of two separate defects in the same patient.
The radial forearm flap is used extensively to cover defects for which a thin skin flap is needed. It can be used either as a pedicle or a free flap in various designs. In this case report, a newExpand
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Microsurgical revascularization of almost totally amputated alar wing of the nose.
A case of nearly complete amputation of the alar wing is presented whereby a successful arterial revascularization was accomplished using an arterial rerouting technique. Venous stasis was overcomeExpand
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Intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia in the finger: not a premier diagnosis
To the Editor, A 58-year-old lady was seen for a tender swelling in her left hand. Two days before, she had noticed a small purplish swelling on the dorsal side of her left fourth finger. Despite herExpand
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