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Studies In European Realism
A Walker in the City
Covalent immunoglobulin assembly in vitro: reactivity of light chain covalent dimers (L2) and blocked light chain monomers.
Covalent light chain dimers (L2) and cysteine-blocked L chain monomers readily react with partially reduced heavy (H) chains. A rapid disappearance of these blocked L chain species is followed by theExpand
Acquisition of the covalent quaternary structure of an immunoglobulin G molecule. Reoxidative assembly in vitro.
We recently reported results of an investigation of the reoxidation of a human, monoclonal immunoglobulin G, following selective reduction of its interchain disulfides by dithiothreitol (Sears, D.W.,Expand
Molecular basis for the temperature-dependent insolubility of cryoglobulins. X. The amino acid sequence of the heavy chain variable region of McE.
The amino acid sequence of the VH region of McE, a monoclonal IgM cryoimmunoglobulin, has been determined employing automated sequencing methodology. Digestion of the intact Fab mu component, derivedExpand
Starting out in the thirties
"A stunning book. . . . Perhaps the most evocative reminiscence of a vital corner of the nineteen-thirties that we are likely to get. A beautifully written memoir in which the author's location ofExpand
Selected Stories of Sholom Aleichem
We believe that, people have look numerous times for their favorite novels like this selected stories of sholom aleichem, but end up in harmful downloads. Expand