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Moisture dependent physical properties of maize (PMH-1)
Physical properties of maize were evaluated as a function of moisture content. The obtained data provide help in the designing of post-harvest handling machinery. In the moisture range of 10–18% wetExpand
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Enhancement of Attributes of Cereals by Germination and Fermentation: A Review
The nutritional quality of cereals and the sensorial properties of their products are sometimes inferior as compared to other sources of food which is due to the lower protein content and starchExpand
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Antagonistic and plant growth promoting activities of endophytic and soil actinomycetes
The objective of this study was the isolation and screening of actinomycete isolates for antagonistic potential and plant growth promoting activities. A total of 321 isolates were recovered fromExpand
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Molecular and functional characterization of endophytic fungi from traditional medicinal plants
This study reports the isolation of 63 endophytic fungal isolates from two traditional medicinal plants, Ocimum sanctum and Sapindus detergens from different locations of Amritsar, India. TheExpand
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Cholinesterase inhibitor (Altenuene) from an endophytic fungus Alternaria alternata: optimization, purification and characterization
The aim of this study was to screen endophytic fungi isolated from Vinca rosea for their potential to produce acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors.
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Advanced glycation End-products (AGEs): an emerging concern for processed food industries
The global food industry is expected to increase more than US $ 7 trillion by 2014. This rise in processed food sector shows that more and more people are diverging towards modern processed foods. AsExpand
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Profiling Differential Expression of Cellulases and Metabolite Footprints in Aspergillus terreus
This study reports differential expression of endoglucanase (EG) and β-glucosidase (βG) isoforms of Aspergillus terreus. Expression of multiple isoforms was observed, in presence of different carbonExpand
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In vitro meat production system: why and how?
Due to the nutritional importance and the sustained popularity of meat as a foodstuff, the livestock production sector has been expanding incessantly. This exponential growth of livestock meat sectorExpand
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Antioxidant and in vivo genoprotective effects of phenolic compounds identified from an endophytic Cladosporium velox and their relationship with its host plant Tinospora cordifolia.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Tinospora cordifolia (Willd. Hook. f. & Thomson; family: Menispermaceae), has a long history of use in various traditional medicinal systems including "Ayurveda". It isExpand
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