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A 1V 5mA multimode IEEE 802.15.6/bluetooth low-energy WBAN transceiver for biotelemetry applications
In recent years there has been significant interest and growth in low-power wireless technologies beyond traditional consumer use cases into medical applications [1]. Previously a bastion forExpand
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A 1 V 5 mA Multimode IEEE 802.15.6/Bluetooth Low-Energy WBAN Transceiver for Biotelemetry Applications
This paper presents a 1 V multi-mode RF transceiver for wireless body area network (WBAN) applications. Operating in the 2.36 GHz Medical Body Area Networks (MBANs) and the 2.4 GHz Industrial,Expand
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History and future of auditory filter models
Auditory filter models have a history of over a hundred years, with explicit bio-mimetic inspiration at many stages along the way. From passive analogue electric delay line models, through digitalExpand
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Practical Gammatone-Like Filters for Auditory Processing
This paper deals with continuous-time filter transfer functions that resemble tuning curves at particular set of places on the basilar membrane of the biological cochlea and that are suitable forExpand
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Insights and Advances on the Design of CMOS Sinh Companding Filters
The scope of this paper is to present certain insights and advances towards the synthesis and transistor-level implementation of high dynamic range (> 120 dB), micropower, CMOS Sinh compandingExpand
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A Practical CMOS Companding Sinh Lossy Integrator
This paper outlines the design and simulated performance of a novel, current-mode, companding, Class-AB, Sinh lossy integrator. Prior Sinh filter designs utilize current conveyor-like blocks whichExpand
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An 8Hz, 0.1µW, 110+ dBs Sinh CMOS Bessel filter for ECG signals
Hyperbolic sine (Sinh) CMOS filters are of inherent class-AB nature and offer high dynamic range at half the total capacitance value when compared against their pseudodifferential class-AB log-domainExpand
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Measured hyperbolic-sine (sinh) CMOS results: A high-order 10 Hz-1 kHz notch filter for 50/60 Hz noise
This paper presents proof-of-concept measured results from CMOS hyperbolic-sine (sinh) filters fabricated in a commercially available 0.35?m CMOS technology. Results from two chips are reported: aExpand
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Harmonic vs. geometric mean Sinh integrators in weak inversion CMOS
In this paper a novel, practical, low-power, Class-AB companding hyperbolic sine (Sinh) integrator based on the harmonic mean law is presented. MOS transistors operating in their weak inversionExpand
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A simulation study of high-order CMOS hyperbolic-sine filters
This paper advances the field of externally linear-internally nonlinear ELIN filters by introducing a synthesis method that enables the design of high-order class-AB sinh filters by means ofExpand
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