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Industrial Applications of Maillard-Type Protein-Polysaccharide Conjugates
This review summarizes the properties of Maillard-type protein-polysaccharide conjugates through naturally occurring reaction in a dry state from the viewpoint of the development of new industrialExpand
Length of hydrocarbon chain and antimicrobial action to Gram-negative bacteria of fatty acylated lysozyme
We have previously shown that lysozyme can be converted into a potent bactericidal protein against Escherichia coli by covalent attachment of one of two palmitic acids to its lysyl residues. Here weExpand
Effects of the Length of Polysaccharide Chains on the Functional Properties of the Maillard-Type Lysozyme−Polysaccharide Conjugate
The effect of the length of polysaccharide chains on the functional properties of Maillard-type protein−polysaccharide conjugates was investigated using the lysozyme as a model protein, various sizesExpand
Conformational Changes and Functional Properties of Acid-modified Soy Protein
Changes to the conformation and functional properties of soy protein caused by mild acid treatment were investigated. When a 2% soy protein solution in 0.05 n HCl was heated for 30 min at 95°C, theExpand
Improvement of the functional properties of insoluble gluten by pronase digestion followed by dextran conjugation
An attempt was made to reconstitute gluten peptides through conjugation with dextran. This approach may be promising in the utilisation of insoluble proteins and the improvement of their functionalExpand
New approach to improve the gelling and surface functional properties of dried egg white by heating in dry state
Mise en oeuvre d'un traitement thermique modere (80 degres C pendant 7 jours) du blanc d'oeuf deshydrate (7,5 % d'humidite). Les proprietes fonctionnelles sont significativement ameliorees.Expand
Enthalpy of Denaturation and Surface Functional Properties of Heated Egg White Proteins in the Dry State
The enthalpy of denaturation (delta H) and surface properties of proteins were related to elucidate the mechanisms of foaming and emulsifying properties by using various heated egg white proteins inExpand
Effect of Polysaccharide Conjugation or Transglutaminase Treatment on the Allergenicity and Functional Properties of Soy Protein
The soy protein−galactomannan conjugate prepared by the Maillard reaction removed the allergenicity of the 34 kDa protein which is frequently recognized by the IgE antibody in the sera ofExpand
Functional protein-polysaccharide conjugate prepared by controlled dry-heating of ovalbumin-dextran mixtures.
It is suggested that an ovalbumin-dextran conjugate prepared by controlled dry-heating can be used as a macromolecular emulsifier for food applications. Expand