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UW-Scat: A Ground-Based Dual-Frequency Scatterometer for Observation of Snow Properties
The University of Waterloo scatterometer, which is a system developed for observation of snow and ice properties, is described. The system is composed of two frequency-modulated continuous-waveExpand
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Spatio-temporal influence of tundra snow properties on Ku-band (17.2 GHz) backscatter
During the 2010/11 boreal winter, a distributed set of backscatter measurements was collected using a ground-based Ku-band (17.2GHz) scatterometer system at 26 open tundra sites. A standardExpand
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Freshwater lake ice thickness derived using surface-based X- and Ku-band FMCW scatterometers
Abstract Time series of ground-based X- and Ku-band frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar data are used to derive ice thickness for bubbled freshwater lake ice with heterogeneous snowExpand
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Spatially distributed dual frequency (17.2 and 9.2 GHZ) scatterometer observations of shallow tundra snow
Retrieval of snow volume properties at high spatial resolutions has become a priority in hydrological and climatological research. Recent studies have identified the 8 to 18 GHz range as particularlyExpand
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Observation and Modeling of X- and Ku-Band Backscatter of Snow-Covered Freshwater Lake Ice
This study is the first assessment of winter season backscatter (σ°) evolution for snow-covered lake ice observed by X(9.6 Gnz) and Ku-band (17.2 Gnz) ground-based scatterometers (UW-SCAT), collectedExpand
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Linear mixed modelling of snow distribution in the central Yukon
Remote sensing estimates of snow water equivalent (SWE) in mountainous areas are subject to large uncertainties. As a prerequisite for testing passive microwave algorithm estimations of SWE, thisExpand
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A Simple In-Situ Sensor for Snow Grain Size Measurement
Grain size (GS) is a standard parameter required for models that simulate the evolution of the microphysical state of a snowpack, energy and mass balance, or radiative transfer for remote sensing.Expand
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Scatterometer observations of snow in a forest stand in the Hudson Bay lowlands during the CAN-CSI 2010-2011 experiment
The paper describes the measurement approach and examines variations in calibrated backscatter in response to changes in the snowpack status. Previous experiments of snow observations in forestedExpand
Mixed effects regression for snow distribution modelling in the central Yukon
To date, remote sensing estimates of snow water equivalent (SWE) in mountainous areas are very uncertain. To test passive microwave algorithm estimations of SWE, a validation data set must exist forExpand
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