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Global analyses of sea surface temperature, sea ice, and night marine air temperature since the late nineteenth century
[1] We present the Met Office Hadley Centre's sea ice and sea surface temperature (SST) data set, HadISST1, and the nighttime marine air temperature (NMAT) data set, HadMAT1. HadISST1 replaces theExpand
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Observations: Atmosphere and surface
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Analyses of global sea surface temperature 1856–1991
Global analyses of monthly sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies from 1856 to 1991 are produced using three statistically based methods: optimal smoothing (OS), the Kalrnan filter (KF) and optimalExpand
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Global analyses of sea surface temperature
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An 8-century tropical Atlantic SST record from the Cariaco Basin: Baseline variability, twentieth-century warming, and Atlantic hurricane frequency
[1] We present the first direct comparison and calibration of a downcore foraminiferal Mg/Ca record to historical instrumental sea surface temperature (SST). Mg/Ca measured on the plankticExpand
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Reduced space optimal analysis for historical data sets: 136 years of Atlantic sea surface temperatures
A computationally efficient method for analyzing meteorological and oceanographic historical data sets has been developed. The method combines data reduction and least squares optimal estimation. TheExpand
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Predictability of El Niño over the past 148 years
Forecasts of El Niño climate events are routinely provided and distributed, but the limits of El Niño predictability are still the subject of debate. Some recent studies suggest that theExpand
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Reduced Space Optimal Interpolation of Historical Marine Sea Level Pressure: 1854–1992*
Abstract Near-global 4° × 4° gridded analysis of marine sea level pressure (SLP) from the Comprehensive Ocean–Atmosphere Data Set for monthly averages from 1854 to 1992 was produced along with itsExpand
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Impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation on Middle Eastern Climate and Streamflow
Interannual to decadal variations in Middle Eastern temperature, precipitationand streamflow reflect the far-field influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), a dominant mode of AtlanticExpand
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Observed Strengthening of the Zonal Sea Surface Temperature Gradient across the Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Decadal variations of very small amplitude (;0.38C in sea surface temperature (SST)) in the tropical Pacific Ocean, the genesis region of the interannual El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)Expand
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