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The higher infinite : large cardinals in set theory from their beginnings
The theory of large cardinals is currently a broad mainstream of modern set theory, the main area of investigation for the analysis of the relative consistency of mathematical propositions andExpand
Strong axioms of infinity and elementary embeddings
This is the expository paper on strong axioms of infinity and elementary embeddings origi;,ally to have been authored by Reinhardt and Solovay. It has been owed for some time and already cited withExpand
On Gödel incompleteness and finite combinatorics
This paper considers a simple finite corollary of a theorem of infinite combinatorics of Erdos and Rado and shows it to be independent of Peano Arithmetic and provides a treatment of the proof whose organization and brevity make it suitable for expository purposes. Expand
Handbook of the history of logic
ion and general ideas.” Compare Meinong, Über Möglichkeit und Wahrscheinlichkeit, p. 178: “Besonders geeignet sind vielmehr Begriffsgegenstände, wie uns deren etwa durch Definitionen gegeben werden.Expand
Weakly normal filters and irregular ultrafilters
For a filter over a regular cardinal, least functions and the consequent notion of weak normality are described. The following two results, which make a basic connection between the existence ofExpand
Handbook of Set Theory
Handbook of Set Theory, Volume I, Akihiro Kanamori, 0. Introduction Thomas Jech, 1. Stationary Sets Andras Hajnal and Jean Larson, 2. Partition Relations Stevo Todorcevic, 3. Coherent Sequences GregExpand
The mathematical development of set theory from Cantor to Cohen
  • A. Kanamori
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Bull. Symb. Log.
  • 1 March 1996
An account of the development of set theory from its beginnings through the creation of forcing based on contentions, with an avowedly Whiggish emphasis on the heritage that has been retained and developed by current set theory. Expand