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Nomenclature of the apatite supergroup minerals
The apatite supergroup includes minerals with a generic chemical formula IX M12 VII M23( IV TO4)3 X( Z ¼ 2); chemically they can be phosphates, arsenates, vanadates, silicates, and sulphates. TheExpand
The Crystal Structure of Tobermorite 14 Å (Plombierite), a C–S–H Phase
The crystal structure of tobermorite 14 A (plombierite) was solved by means of the application of the order-disorder (OD) theory and was refined through synchrotron radiation diffraction data. TwoExpand
This is the final report on the nomenclature of eudialyte-group minerals by the Eudialyte Nomenclature Subcommittee established by the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names of theExpand
HANDBOOK OF MINERALOGY, VOLUMEV. Borates, Carbonates, Sulfates. By John W. Anthony, Richard A. Bideaux, Kenneth W. Bladh, and Monte C. Nichols. Mineral Data Publishing, Tucson, Arizona; 2003, 813 p.,
Finally, the long wait is over! Thirteen years after the publication of the first volume of the Handbook of Mineralogy , this popular mineral reference is complete. Volume V (Borates, Carbonates,Expand
A review of the structural architecture of tellurium oxycompounds
Abstract Relative to its extremely low abundance in the Earth’s crust, tellurium is the most mineralogically diverse chemical element, with over 160 mineral species known that contain essential Te,Expand
Zincalstibite-9R: the first nine-layer polytype with the layered double hydroxide structure-type
Abstract Zincalstibite-9R, a new polytype in the hydrotalcite supergroup is reported from the Monte Avanza mine, Italy. It occurs as pale blue curved disc-like tablets flattened on {001} intergrownExpand
Schoonerite; its atomic arrangement
Phosphohedyphane, Ca2Pb3(PO4)3Cl, the phosphate analog of hedyphane: Description and crystal structure
Abstract Phosphohedyphane, Ca2Pb3(PO4)3Cl, space group P63/m, a = 9.857(1), c = 7.130(2) Å, V = 599.9(2) Å3, Z = 2, is a new mineral from the Capitana mine, Copiapó, Atacama Province, Chile and hasExpand
Contribution to the crystallography of hydrotalcites: the crystal structures of woodallite and takovite
*Corresponding author The crystal structures of the 3R polytypes of takovite and woodallite are presented. The structure of takovite was solved on a single crystal from the Agoudal mine, Bou AzzerExpand
Omsite, (Ni,Cu)2Fe3+(OH)6[Sb(OH)6], a new member of the cualstibite group from Oms, France
Abstract Omsite (IMA 2012-025) is a new mineral from the Correc d’en Llinassos, Oms, Pyrénées-Orientales Department, France. It occurs as bright yellow to amber yellow discoidal tablets, flattened onExpand