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Synthesis of 5‐ and 6‐N‐heterocyclic Methylenebisphosphonate Derivatives and Evaluation of their Cytogenetic Activity in Normal Human Lymphocyte Cultures
Methods for the preparation of various aminomethylene bisphosphonates were developed. The required bisphosphonates were obtained by applying tetraethyl methylenebisphosphonate reagent to differentExpand
Inhibitory effect of novel S,N-bisphosphonates on some carcinoma cell lines, osteoarthritis, and chronic inflammation.
A new series of S,N-bisphosphonate derivatives was synthesized and evaluated as antitumor agents against breast-, cervix-, liver, and colon cancer diseases. Antiarthritic and antichronic inflammatoryExpand
Elaborating on Efficient Anti‐Proliferation Agents of Cancer Cells and Anti‐Inflammatory‐Based N‐Bisphosphonic Acids
Methylenebisphosponic acid tetraethyl ester (1) was added to 2‐azido‐7a–e and 2‐chloroquinoline‐3‐chalcones 10a–e in boiling sodium ethanolate solution to give, via Michael addition,Expand
Use of phosphonyl carbanions in the synthesis of anti-inflammatory active phosphorus-containing fused heterocycles and relevance phosphonates.
The reaction of Horner-Emmons reactant carbanions with 2-acetyl-5-methyl furan 1 and 2-acetyl-5-bromothiophene 9 resulted in phosphorus-containing fused bicyclic 5,5-membered and 5,6-membered systemsExpand
Phosphono‐substituted isoindolines and indoles from 2,3‐ and 2,4‐benzoxazin‐1‐ones
Reactions of 2,3-benzoxazinone 1 and 2,4-benzoxazinone 2, with trialkyl phosphites 3a–c provide access to new phosphono-substituted isoindolines 6a–f and indoles 19a–e, respectively.Expand
Synthesis, Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship, and Anti-Inflammatory Profiles of Substituted 5- and 6-N-Heterocycle Bisphosphonate Esters
Abstract A modified multicomponent reaction in a one-pot synthesis of a new series of substituted N-heterocyclic aminomethylene bisphosphonates, in high rates, was described. Accordingly, synthesisExpand
An approach to biologically important chromenes bearing P-S- heterocycles. Based on the chemistry of Lawesson’s reagent
A series of chromenes bearing P-S-heterocycles, were prepared in reasonable yields from the reaction of 2,4-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-1,3,2,4-dithiaphosphetane-2,4-disulfide (Lawesson’s reagent, LR, 1)Expand
Study of Insertion Reactions with Phosphorus Ylides − On Reactions between 4-(4-Methylphenyl)-2,3-benzoxazin-1-one and Alkylidene Phosphoranes
4-(4-Methylphenyl)-2,3-benzoxazin-1-one (1) reacts thermally with a series of alkylidene phosphoranes and the relevant salts to give mainly substituted isoquinolines. Thus, compound 1 reacts withExpand
Alkylidenephosphoranes in heterocyclic synthesis : Reactivity of benzoxazinones with resonance-stabilized phosphorus ylides
2H-3,1-Benzoxazine-2,4(1H)-dione and its N-methyl analogue react with alkylidenephosphoranes to give substituted quinolines and benzazepines as well as indanone and furan derivatives. ReactionExpand
Further Insight into the Reactivity of Oxazinones Toward Phosphorus Reagents
Abstract A series of quinoline derivates has been obtained from the reaction of 3‐phenyl‐2,4‐benzoxazin‐1‐one (1) with alkylidenephosphoranes. With ester ylides 3a,b, the reaction affordsExpand