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High-Mg diorites derived from sanukitic HMA magmas, Kyushu Island, southwest Japan arc: evidence from clinopyroxene and whole rock compositions
Abstract High-Mg diorites that have similar whole rock composition to high-Mg andesites (HMAs) should not be simply interpreted as rocks solidified from the HMA magmas, because the high-Mg dioritesExpand
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Geologic evolution of the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica: Collision tectonics proposed based on metamorphic processes and magnetic anomalies
Abstract The Sor Rondane Mountains of eastern Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica can be subdivided into two different crustal terranes: the NE-terrane and the SW-terrane. The former is underlain byExpand
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An adakitic pluton on Kyushu Island, southwest Japan arc
Abstract An adakitic pluton is designated the Shiraishino granodiorite ca. 15 km2 in outcrop area on Kyushu Island, southwestern Japanese arc. Sr, Y, and rare earth element concentrations andExpand
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A pseudo adakite derived from partial melting of tonalitic to granodioritic crust, Kyushu, southwest Japan arc
Abstract Cretaceous peraluminous granitic intrusions occur in Kyushu in the southwest Japan arc as batholiths or stocks accompanied by metaluminous tonalite to granodiorite. The peraluminousExpand
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Preliminary investigation of the 20 August 2014 debris flows triggered by a severe rainstorm in Hiroshima City, Japan
BackgroundIn the early morning of 20 August 2014, a high-intensity/low-duration rainstorm occurred in Hiroshima City, in southwest Japan. Within 3 h, the rainfall exceeded 200 mm, which is more thanExpand
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Late-Tonian to early-Cryogenian apparent depositional ages for metacarbonate rocks from the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica
Abstract The Sor Rondane Mountains (SRM), located in the Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian East African-Antarctic collisional orogen is composed of medium- to high-grade metasedimentary, metaigneousExpand
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The Higo metamorphic complex in Kyushu, Japan as the fragment of Permo-Triassic metamorphic complexes in East Asia
Abstract The Higo terrane in west-central Kyushu Island, southwest Japan consists from north to south of the Manotani, Higo and Ryuhozan metamorphic complexes, which are intruded by the Higo plutonicExpand
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Diverse magmatic effects of subducting a hot slab in SW Japan: Results from forward modeling
In response to the subduction of the young Shikoku Basin of the Philippine Sea Plate, arc magmas erupted in SW Japan throughout the late Cenozoic. Many magma types are present including ocean islandExpand
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Late Proterozoic juvenile arc metatonalite and adakitic intrusions in the Sør Rondane Mountains, eastern Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Abstract This study is a detailed investigation of the petrology and geochronology of the Late Proterozoic metatonalite in the Sor Rondane Mountains, eastern Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.Expand
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