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Supercrips versus the pitiful handicapped: Reception of disabling images by disabled audience members
Abstract Thirty Israeli disabled people were asked to describe their most memorable interactions with mass mediated images of disability as part of a tentative endeavor to delve into their receptionExpand
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The Quest for Inclusion: Jewish-Israeli Gay Men's Perceptions of Gays in the Media
For the past thirty years, theoretical debates and empirical research on power relations between dominant and subordinated segments of society and how they are depicted, (re)produced, and reected inExpand
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Intestinal parasitic infections among abattoir workers (AWs), particularly in the developing countries, are under reported despite the possible occupationally-acquired health risks, hence this studyExpand
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Identity Prosthesis: Roles of Homeland Media in Sustaining Native Identity
This article focuses on the ways media texts produced in Israel constitute a vital part in the lives and identities of Jewish Israeli migrants in the United States. In this qualitative study,Expand
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Taming the shame: Policing excretions and body fluids in advertisements for hygiene products
Despite recent burgeoning interest in the body as a culturally constructed project, little research attention is paid to bodily excretions (sweat, urine, faeces, menstrual blood, saliva, mucus, skinExpand
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The benefits of an LGBT-inclusive tourist destination
Abstract This study investigates the links between a destination's gay-friendliness and the travel preferences of tourists with different levels of affiliation with the LGBT community. OverseasExpand
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Do My Teachers Care I'm Gay? Israeli Lesbigay School Students' Experiences at their Schools
ABSTRACT This empirical study explores the subjective experiences of Israeli lesbigay school students and their perceptions of the school climate. It provides descriptive data on differentExpand
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Effect of the SOS Response on the Mean Fitness of Unicellular Populations: A Quasispecies Approach
The goal of this paper is to develop a mathematical model that analyzes the selective advantage of the SOS response in unicellular organisms. To this end, this paper develops a quasispecies modelExpand
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Bridging Some Intercultural Gaps: Methodological Reflections from Afar
Identity formation and self construction are inherently cultural phenomena. Although it may seem that human psychology–e.g., basic traits, tendencies, “characteristics,” or even the definition ofExpand
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Effeminophobia and PEphobia—Boys’ Masculinities in Physical Education: A Review of Boys’ Bodies: Speaking the Unspoken
This collection of essays, Boys’ Bodies: Speaking the Unspoken, delves into the social, psychological, and cultural mechanisms that bolster traditional masculine gender roles among boys andExpand
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