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Unveiling the Whale: Discourses on Whales and Whaling
List of Figures Preface and Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations Introduction Chapter 1. The Creation of a 'Superwhale' Chapter 2. The Whale Protectionists Chapter 3. Diverting the Commodity PathExpand
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Management by Totemization: Whale Symbolism and the Anti-Whaling Campaign
The anti-whaling campaign has been with us for about two decades by now, and - not surprisingly - the arguments against whaling have changed during these years. The ecological argument that theExpand
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Asian Perceptions of Nature: A Critical Approach
Sacred trees and haunted forests - Indonesia sociopolitical structures and the Southeast Asian ecosystems nature as the virgin forest - Sri Lankan farmers' perspective nature conservation in NorthernExpand
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Japanese Whaling: The End of an Era?
1. Whales, Whaling and Japan 2. Japanese Whaling Communities 3. Portraits 4. The History of Japanese Whaling 5. Work Organization of Whaling 6. Recruitment and Career Patterns 7. Local WhalingExpand
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Marine mammals and northern cultures
This book focuses upon the hunting of seals and whales in the North Atlantic region, and how the activities of urban-based environmentalism has prompted responses from diverse northern peoplesExpand
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Environmentalism and Images of the Other
Human beings share with many other social animals the ability to discriminate between one’s own and other groups, but to legitimize this distinction in terms of moral evaluation is probably uniquelyExpand
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It is often claimed that environmental problems facing the world today can be attributed to dualism and anthropocentrism rooted in Christianity. Hence, it is argued that a solution to these problemsExpand
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Local Environmentalism in Northeast Thailand
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Environmental Movements in Asia
Conservation of natural resources or their sustainable use has often been regarded as characteristic of many traditional Asian cultures. Nonetheless, Asia has a long history of environmentalExpand
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