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Holothurins B(2), B(3), and B(4), new triterpene glycosides from mediterranean sea cucumbers of the genus holothuria.
Triterpene glycosides of three species of the Mediterranean sea cucumbers Holothuria polii, Holothuria tubulosa, and Holothuria sp. were studied. Three new monosulfated biosides, holothurins B(2)Expand
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Four New Sulfated Polar Steroids from the Far Eastern Starfish Leptasterias ochotensis: Structures and Activities
Three new sulfated steroid monoglycosides, leptaochotensosides A–C (1–3), and a new sulfated polyhydroxylated steroid (4) were isolated from the alcoholic extract of the Far Eastern starfishExpand
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Constituents of the sea cucumber Cucumaria okhotensis. Structures of okhotosides B1-B3 and cytotoxic activities of some glycosides from this species.
Three new triterpene oligoglycosides, okhotosides B 1 ( 1), B 2 ( 2), and B 3 ( 3), have been isolated from the sea cucumber Cucumaria okhotensis along with the known compounds frondoside A ( 4),Expand
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Triterpene glycosides from the Far-Eastern sea cucumber Pentamera calcigera. 1. Monosulfated glycosides and cytotoxicity of their unsulfated derivatives.
Three new monosulfated triterpene glycosides, calcigerosides B (2), C(1) (3), and C(2) (4), along with the known cucumarioside G(2) (1), have been isolated from the sea cucumber Pentamera calcigera.Expand
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Triterpene Glycosides from the Sea Cucumber Eupentacta Fraudatrix. Structure and Biological Action of Cucumariosides I1, I3, I4, Three New Minor Disulfated Pentaosides
Three new minor triterpene glycosides, cucumariosides I1 (1), I3 (2) and I4 (3) have been isolated from the Far Eastern sea cucumber Eupentacta fraudatrix. Structures of the glycosides wereExpand
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Indole alkaloids produced by a marine fungus isolate of Penicillium janthinellum Biourge.
Three new indole alkaloids, shearinines D, E, and F (1-3), together with the known shearinine A (4) were isolated from the marine-derived strain of the fungus Penicillium janthinellum Biourge. TheExpand
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Synaptosides A and A1, triterpene glycosides from the sea cucumber Synapta maculata containing 3-O-methylglucuronic acid and their cytotoxic activity against tumor cells.
Two novel triterpene holostane glycosides, synaptosides A ( 1) and A 1 ( 2), have been isolated from the Vietnamese sea cucumber Synapta maculata (Synaptida, Apodida). Their structures wereExpand
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Triterpene glycosides from Antarctic sea cucumbers. 1. Structure of liouvillosides A1, A2, A3, B1, and B2 from the sea cucumber Staurocucumis liouvillei: new procedure for separation of highly polar
Five new triterpene glycosides, liouvillosides A1 (1), A2 (2), A3 (3), B1 (4), and B2 (5), have been isolated from the Antarctic sea cucumber Staurocucumis liouviellei along with the knownExpand
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New diterpene glycosides of the fungus Acremonium striatisporum isolated from a sea cucumber.
Three new diterpene glycosides, virescenosides O (1), P (2), and Q (3), have been isolated from a marine strain of Acremonium striatisporum KMM 4401 associated with the holothurian EupentactaExpand
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Two new asterosaponins, archasterosides A and B, from the Vietnamese starfish Archaster typicus and their anticancer properties.
New asterosaponins archasterosides A (1), B (2), and the known regularoside A (3) were isolated from the Vietnamese starfish Archaster typicus and structurally elucidated by extensive NMR techniquesExpand
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