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Mmp-20 and Klk4 Cleavage Site Preferences for Amelogenin Sequences
Mmp-20 and Klk4 are the two key enamel proteases. Can both enzymes process amelogenin to generate the major cleavage products that accumulate during the secretory stage of amelogenesis? We isolatedExpand
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Porcine Amelogenin is Expressed from the X and Y Chromosomes
Amelogenin is the major enamel matrix component in developing teeth. In eutherian mammals, amelogenin is expressed from the X chromosome only, or from both the X and Y chromosomes. Two classes ofExpand
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Cytodifferentiation activity of synthetic human enamel sheath protein peptides.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Enamel sheath protein (ESP) is involved in the construction of the enamel sheath during tooth development. The 17 kDa ESP is a one-step cleavage product processed byExpand
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Systematic synthesis and inhibitory activity of haloacetamidyl oligosaccharide derivatives toward cytoplasmic peptide:N-glycanase
A series of glycosyl haloacetamides were synthesized as potential inhibitors of cytoplasmic peptide:N-glycanase (PNGase), an enzyme that removes N-glycans from misfolded glycoproteins. Chloro-,Expand
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Growth factors in Human cementum and dentin
セメント質の保存は歯周組織再生に有利に働くことが知られている。その理由としてセメント質中の分化増殖因子が関連していると考えられる。そこで本研究ではBMP-2とTGF-β1に注目し,それらの検出と量を測定し象牙質と比較した。大臼歯を0.5mmに輪切りにして,0.1N HClで脱灰した。その後,セメント質と象牙質を顕微鏡下で分離し,4MExpand
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