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Abductive Logic Programming
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The role of abduction in logic programming
This paper is a survey and critical overview of recent work on the extension of Logic Programming to perform Abductive Reasoning (Abductive Logic Programming). Expand
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Database Updates through Abduction
The problem of view updates in deductive databases is studied by casting this in a naturally associated abductive framework. Expand
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Argumentation based decision making for autonomous agents
This paper presents an argumentation based framework to support the decision making of an agent within a modular architecture for agents, incorporating a dimension of individuality in the decisions of the agent. Expand
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Generalized Stable Models: A Semantics for Abduction
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Abduction and Induction
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Abduction and induction: essays on their relation and integration
Foreword. Preface. Contributing Authors. 1. Abductive and inductive reasoning: background and issues P.A. Flach, A.C. Kakas. Part I: The philosophy of abduction and induction. 2. Smart inductiveExpand
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Computing Argumentation in Logic Programming
In recent years, argumentation has been shown to be an appropriate framework in which logic programming with negation as failure as well as other logics for non-monotonic reasoning can be encompassed. Expand
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A Simple Declarative Language for Describing Narratives With Actions
We describe a simple declarative languageE for describing the effects of a series of action occurrences within a narrative. Expand
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Application of abductive ILP to learning metabolic network inhibition from temporal data
We use a logic-based representation and a combination of Abduction and Induction to model inhibition in metabolic networks. Expand
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