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Ichthyofaunistic biogeography of the Japan (East Sea
Aim The aim of the present study is the distribution analysis of species richness of ichthyofauna at the east and west coasts of the Japan Sea for the purpose of identification of naturalExpand
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Bivalve molluscs and Cenozoic paleoclimatic events in the northwestern Pacific Ocean
Abstract A new method for the calculation of Cenozoic paleotemperatures is proposed which is based on the statistical relation between the August (ta) and annual (ty) temperature of surface water andExpand
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Species abundance and ichthyofaunistic zoning of pelagial of the northwestern part of the Sea of Japan
Having evaluated data collected by the TINRO Center for a period of 23 years on the distribution of pelagic ichthyofauna, conclusions regarding the ichthyofaunistic zoning of the northwestern part ofExpand
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Recent and fossil Clinocardiinae (Bivalvia, Cardiidae) of the World. VI. Genus Ciliatocardium Kafanov, 1974 (part II)
A taxonomic review of the genus Ciliatocardium Kafanov, 1974. In the modern fauna it is composed by C. ciliatum ciliatum (Fabricius. 1780), C. ciliatum nordenskioeldi Kafanov, 1981, C. ciliatumExpand
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Ichthyofaunistic Biogeography of the East Sea
An ichthyofauna analysis of the East Sea using quantitative investigation procedures for latitudinal variations of the species richness and clustering of the species list is presented to illustrateExpand
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[Cluster analysis in biogeographical classifications].
Some unavoidable methodic and methodological problems arising at each stage of the classification of objects by the methods of hierarchical clustering are shown on the concrete (biogeographical) andExpand
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