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Image Processing: Principles and Applications
This PDF file contains the editorial “Image Processing: Principles and Applications” for JEI Vol. Expand
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Graphene–metal oxide nanohybrids for toxic gas sensor: A review
Abstract Sensing of gas molecules is critical to environmental monitoring, control of chemical processes, agricultural, and medical applications. In particular, the detection of industrial toxicExpand
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Preparation and characterization of graphene and Ni-decorated graphene using flower petals as the precursor material
Abstract A simple method is reported for preparing graphene and nickel-decorated graphene from the petals of lotus and hibiscus flowers by heating the original petals and petals soaked in aExpand
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Synthesis of TiN Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites Through Microwave Sintering
Al-TiN (10, 20, 30 wt.%) composites were fabricated by using microwave radiation. Al and TiN powders were selected as starting materials, mixed in a ball mill for ~10 min and sintered for variousExpand
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Effect of Fe and Cr Addition on the Sintering Behavior of ZrB2 Produced by Self‐Propagating High‐Temperature Synthesis
An investigation of the sintering behavior of ZrB2 powder with Fe and Cr (0 to 20 wt%) addition was conducted. It was observed that Fe addition helps to enhance the density of ZrB2 only up to 10 wt%.Expand
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Proposal for resources, utilization and processes of red mud in India — A review
Abstract Red mud is a solid waste produced in the process of alumina production from bauxite following the Bayer process. More than 4 million tons of red mud is generated annually in India only.Expand
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Optimization of friction stir welding parameters for dissimilar aluminum alloys
Assembly consisting of cast and wrought aluminum alloys has wide spread application in defense and aero space industries. For the efficacious use of the transition joints, the weld should haveExpand
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Microstructure, tensile strength and wear behaviour of Al–Sc alloy
A systematic study on the behaviour of commercial pure Al with the addition of scandium (Sc) was carried out and the effects of Sc addition on tensile and wear behaviour were investigated. The ScExpand
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Carbothermal Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Aluminum Nitride Powders
A new precursor technique for the carbothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline AlN powder has been developed. A precursor that contains an intimate mixture of nanocrystalline Al 2 O 3 and carbon hasExpand
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Correlation between the mechanical properties and the microstructural behaviour of Al2O3–(Ag–Cu–Ti) brazed joints
A micro-indentation technique was used to determine the strength of Al2O3–(Ag–Cu–Ti) brazed joints. Different Ag–Cu–Ti alloy compositions were used for brazing Al2O3 at temperatures of 800, 900,Expand
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