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Association between Socio-Economic, Psychological and Communicational Attributes of Sesame Growers with Technological Gap in the Recommended Sesame Production Technology
An attempt was made to workout the association between socio-economic, psychological and communicational attributes of sesame growers with technological gap in the recommended sesame productionExpand
Basic HTML5 and CSS3
In this section of the appendix, I cover the features of HTML5 that are relevant to creating data entry forms and graphics for effects and animations. These concepts are useful for enhancing theExpand
jQuery Effects and Animation
This chapter covers the techniques used to implement effects and animations using jQuery methods, and provides methods to achieve these goals. Expand
jQuery 2 Recipes
jQuery is often referred to as the ‘write less, do more’ JavaScript library. It allows a few clear lines of elegant, well-tested, code to replace many pages of complex hand-coded script, speedingExpand
Logging, Error Handling, and Debugging
Developers should be careful about the amount of logging they implement in the application, as too much logging impacts performance and requires a huge amount of disk storage. Expand
jQuery Selectors Filtering and Expansion
This chapter covers jQuery selectors filtering (narrowing) and expansion and the expansion method is used to add more elements to the set of selected elements. Expand
Technological gap in recommended sesame production technology perceived by farmers of Jabalpur District
A study on technological gap in Sihora block of Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh was conducted in 2016 under ex-post facto research design. A sample of hundred sesame growers representing tenExpand
Constraints Confronted by Small Farmers in Achieving Livelihood Security in Shahpura Block of Jabalpur District (M.P.), India
Livelihood in rural areas is very erratic and risk hidden. Most developing countries in the world have a large population of small-holder farmers. Moreover, 75% of poor people live in rural areas ofExpand