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Assyrian Rulers of the Early First Millennium B.C.: I (1114-859 B.C.)
In this, the seventh volume to be published by the Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Project, A. Kirk Grayson presents the texts of the royal inscriptions from the earlier phase of the Neo-Assyrian
Assyrian and Babylonian Chronicles
Introduction The Babylonian Chronicle Series Neo-Babylonian Chronicle Series Late Babylonian Chronicle Series Other Chronicles of Category A Esarhaddon Chronicle Shamash-shuma-ukin Chronicle Akitu
Assyrian Rulers 3Rd and 2Nd Millenium
A collection of the texts of inscriptions the originals of which are now scattered in museums throughout the world. Provides commentary, bibliography, transliteration from the cuneiform, and English
The Royal Inscriptions of Sennacherib, King of Assyria (704-681 Bc), Part 1
The Royal Inscriptions of Sennacherib, King of Assyria (704-681 BC), Part 2 (Royal Inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian Period 3/2) provides reliable, up-to-date editions of 195 texts of Sennacherib, as
Assyria: Tiglath-Pileser III to Sargon II (744–705 B.C.)
The rebirth of the Assyrian empire after the dark days of ‘the Interval’ is the main theme during the period covered by this chapter. Tiglathpileser III devoted his entire career to fighting on
The Chronology of the Reign of Ashurbanipal
The chronology of the reign of Ashurbanipal is still one of the more uncertain areas in Neo-Assyrian history and yet one of the most crucial. Since George Smith's History of Ashurbanipal (1871) three