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What are children thankful for? An archival analysis of gratitude before and after the attacks of September 11
We analyzed the content of school-aged children's responses to a countywide in-class essay assignment in which they described what they are thankful for. Accounts were written in November of 2000 (nExpand
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Accounting for Evil and Cruelty: Is to Explain to Condone?
Analysts of evil and violence express the concern that to explain harmdoing may result in a condoning attitude toward perpetrators. An examination of research relevant to this hypothesis suggestsExpand
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Perspective Differences in the Construal of Lies: Is Deception in the Eye of the Beholder?
To examine the potential of role-based motives to influence the interpretation of lies, the authors asked participants to evaluate a dating scenario from the perspective of lie teller, lie receiver,Expand
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The patient with recurrent oral ulceration.
This paper discusses the range of recurrent oral ulceration which affects the oral mucosa. Types of ulceration covered in this paper include traumatic, infective, aphthous, ulceration related to theExpand
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The enigma of altruistic lying: Perspective differences in what motivates and justifies lie telling within romantic relationships
Lie tellers in intimate relationships often claim their lies were told to protect their partner. However, based on several converging theories (e.g., motivated reasoning, cognitive dissonance), weExpand
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Histological studies on the development of the digestive system of the clownfish Amphiprion percula and the time of weaning
This study investigates the histological development of the digestive system of the common clownfish, Amphiprion percula Lacepede 1802, as a means to predict the time when the early juveniles canExpand
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Schadenfreude as a mate-value-tracking mechanism
This study proposed a new theoretical formulation of schadenfreude as a psychological mechanism that responds to misfortunes that lower competitors' mate value. In Study 1, participants reportedExpand
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Cardiovascular correlates of disclosing homosexual orientation
Many people conceal their homosexuality. Concealment of homosexual orientation can be experienced as chronic stress and be associated with increased levels of physical symptoms. Research suggestsExpand
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Innocent Flirting or Sexual Harassment? Perceptions of Ambiguous Work-Place Situations
We examined attitudes of wking adults regarding ambiguous workplace behaviors. Participants (N = 1306) evaluated a scenario (1 of 24) involving two individuals of equal or unequal job status, of theExpand
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