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It is important in practice when solving linear systems to have an economical method for estimating the condition number $\kappa (A)$ of the matrix of coefficients. An algorithm involving $O(n^2 )$Expand
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Scalar- and planar-valued curve fitting using splines under tension
  • A. K. Cline
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • CACM
  • 1 April 1974
The spline under tension was introduced by Schweikert in an attempt to imitate cubic splines but avoid the spurious critical points they induce. Expand
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Generalizing the LINPACK Condition Estimator
Two generalizations of the Cline-Moler-Stewart-Wilkinson "LINPACK" condition estimator are described. One generalization combines the LINPACK notion of "look-ahead" with a new feature calledExpand
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A triangle-based $C^1$ interpolation method
This paper discusses methods and software for C/sup 1/ interpolation at arbitrarily distributed data points in the plane. The primary results presented here are derivative-estimation procedures whichExpand
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A Storage-efficient Method for Construction of a Thiessen Triangulation
E01SAF Note: before using this routine, please read the Users' Note for your implementation to check the interpretation of bold italicised terms and other implementation-dependent details. 1 PurposeExpand
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A constrained two-dimensional triangulation and the solution of closest node problems in the presence of barriers
A Delaunay triangulation of a set of nodes is a collection of triangles whose vertices are at the nodes and whose union fills the convex hull of the set of nodes. It also has several geometricalExpand
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A Descent Method for the Uniform Solution to Over-Determined Systems of Linear Equations
Given a system of linear equations with more equations than unknowns, we seek to determine that vector of unknowns which minimizes the norm of the residual of the system in the uniform sense. AExpand
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An Elimination Method for the Solution of Linear Least Squares Problems
An elimination method for solving the linear least squares problem is presented which can be considered a generalization of the Gaussian elimination method for square, linear systems. OperationsExpand
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