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The Past and the Future of the Developmental State
Like most human institutions—the family, the village, the city, the state, customs, laws, the nation—the developmental state was born longbefore anybody thought of naming it. There are debates aboutExpand
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Petromineragraphy and Mineral Chemistry of Bituminous Shale-Hosted Uranium Mineralisation at Sonrai, Lalitpur District, Uttar Pradesh
Bituminous shale of the Sonrai Formation of the Bijawar Group hosts uranium mineralisation in Sonrai, Lalitpur dist., U.P. Mineragraphy of radioactive mineral phases viz. pitchblende and U-Si complexExpand
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The era of the presidency banks, 1876-1920
Foreword - P G Kakodkar Prologue The Linkages and the Silences Money and Banking in a Colonial Economy The Business Environment of Calcutta The Sahibs, the Marwaris and the Bengalis The BusinessExpand
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The Presidency banks and the Indian economy, 1876-1914
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Growth and Structural Change in the Economy of Gujarat, 1970-2000
Gujarat appears to be a paradigmatic example of the most disconcerting developments of the 1990s in India. There was no increase in organised sector employment during the 1990s. The primary sector,Expand
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Geochronology of the Granitoids of the Kunjar Area, Sundergarh District, Orissa: Implications to the Regional Stratigraphy
Rb-Sr isotopic data for the Tamparkola granite, northwest of Bonaigarh, and Bamra granite, southeast of Barnra, Sundergarh district, Orissa have yielded similar ages of 2746𫏸 Ma and 2738±28 Ma,Expand
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Transformation and Development: The Political Economy of Transition in India and China
While most of the advanced capitalist countries are reeling under a severe financial crisis, the rapid growth of India and China, the two largest and fastest growing economies in the world, areExpand
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Indian Economy and Society during World War One
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