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Electron-energy bunching in laser-driven soft recollisions.
We introduce soft recollisions in laser-matter interaction. They are characterized by the electron missing the ion upon recollision in contrast with the well-known head-on collisions responsible forExpand
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Laparoscopic versus open hemihepatectomy—a cost analysis after propensity score matching
IntroductionCost efficiency is important for hospitals in order to provide high-quality health care for all patients. As hemihepatectomies are increasingly being performed laparoscopically, the aimsExpand
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Reliability of soft-core approximations in theoretical studies of molecules in intense laser fields
The popular approach of softening the Coulomb singularity in models with reduced dimensionality leads to uncontrollable discrepancies with numerical results obtained using exact potentials. This isExpand
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Steering a molecule into dissociation via vibrational excitation
For a laser driven molecule, we show that the ionization and the dissociation channels can be separated by preparing the molecule in a specific vibrational state. Specifically, we investigate theExpand
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Saving Self-Murderers: Lifesaving Programs and the Treatment of Suicides in Late Eighteenth-Century Europe
The medicalization of suicide has its history. This article explores one part of this history: the implementation of eighteenth-century lifesaving programs and their ramifications for the treatmentExpand
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The Ill-Treated Body: Punishing and Utilising the Early Modern Suicide Corpse
The history of suicide in the Western world is in many ways the history of an obsession with the suicide corpse. The suicide’s dead body was a fiercely contested object, for intentional self-murderExpand