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Composition of chicory root, peel, seed and leaf ethanol extracts and biological properties of their non-inulin fractions.
Summary The chemical composition of the ethanol extracts of chicory root, peel, seed and leaf has been determined, in particular their inulin and phenolic fractions. The root and peel extracts were
Ingestion of Black Chokeberry Fruit Extract Leads to Intestinal and Systemic Changes in a Rat Model of Prediabetes and Hyperlipidemia
Ch chokeberry fruit derivatives may act as a promising supplementary therapeutic option in the prevention and treatment of disorders occurring in metabolic syndrome, as well as their complications.
An anthocyanin-rich extract from Kamchatka honeysuckle increases enzymatic activity within the gut and ameliorates abnormal lipid and glucose metabolism in rats.
An anthocyanin-rich Kamchatka honeysuckle berry extract supplemented to an unbalanced diet is able to ameliorate the disturbances in lipid and glucose metabolism that are the fundamental risk factors for CVD and diabetes.
Effects of Dietary Addition of a Low-Pectin Apple Fibre Preparation on Rats
The tested dietary AFP is still able to favourably affect the gut metabolism and can also ameliorate blood glucose concentration, which seems to be related to the inhibition of mucosal disaccharidase activities, however, the analysed preparation has no influence on the antioxidant status of the organism and may trigger adverse effects on cholesterol metabolism.
Effect of dietary supplementation with unprocessed and ethanol-extracted apple pomaces on caecal fermentation, antioxidant and blood biomarkers in rats
The results demonstrated that the polyphenol-rich fibre complexes from apple pomace exerted positive effects on gastrointestinal physiology and antioxidant status of rats.
Effect of the dietary polyphenolic fraction of chicory root, peel, seed and leaf extracts on caecal fermentation and blood parameters in rats fed diets containing prebiotic fructans
The aim of this 28 d experiment was to examine the physiological response of growing rats to a dietary combination of prebiotic chicory fructans, with polyphenols originating from different parts of
A High-Fat Diet Differentially Affects the Gut Metabolism and Blood Lipids of Rats Depending on the Type of Dietary Fat and Carbohydrate
A high-fat diet rich in fructose can unfavorably affect gut metabolism when unsaturated fats are predominant in the diet or the blood lipids when a diet is rich in saturated fats.
Chemical composition of defatted strawberry and raspberry seeds and the effect of these dietary ingredients on polyphenol metabolites, intestinal function, and selected serum parameters in rats.
Dietary raspberry seeds, a source of dietary fiber, despite being richer in polyphenol compounds, were better utilized in fermentation processes, resulting in enhanced production of short-chain fatty acids.
Extract of green tea leaves partially attenuates streptozotocin-induced changes in antioxidant status and gastrointestinal functioning in rats.
It is suggested that green tea extract ingested at high amounts may prove to be a useful therapeutic option in the reversal of diabetic dysfunction.
Strawberry ellagitannins thwarted the positive effects of dietary fructooligosaccharides in rat cecum.
In vivo study demonstrated that some positive changes in the cecal metabolism resulting from the ingestion of a diet enriched only with FOS were completely or slightly suppressed by the dietary ET.