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A chronology for late prehistoric Madagascar.
Dating of the "subfossil" megafauna, including pygmy hippos, elephant birds, giant tortoises, and large lemurs, demonstrates that most if not all the extinct taxa were still present on the island when humans arrived. Expand
Production of selected cosmogenic radionuclides by muons: 2. Capture of negative muons
We have determined the production yields for radionuclides in Al2O3, SiO2, S, Ar, K2SO4, CaCO3, Fe, Ni and Cu targets, which were irradiated with slow negative muons at the Paul Scherrer Institute inExpand
Fire and alluvial chronology in Yellowstone National Park: Climatic and intrinsic controls on Holocene geomorphic processes
We employed a systemwide approach, a large and robust set of radiocarbon ages, and modern process analogs to interpret the Holocene history of forest fire–related sedimentation and overall alluvialExpand
Production of selected cosmogenic radionuclides by muons 1. Fast muons
To investigate muon-induced nuclear reactions leading to the production of radionuclides, targets made of C9H12, SiO2 ,A l 2O3, Al, S, CaCO3, Fe, Ni, Cu, Gd, Yb and Tl were irradiated with 100 andExpand
Fire-induced erosion and millennial-scale climate change in northern ponderosa pine forests
Western US ponderosa pine forests have recently suffered extensive stand-replacing fires followed by hillslope erosion and sedimentation. These fires are usually attributed to increased stand densityExpand
Pinpointing the Source of a Lunar Meteorite: Implications for the Evolution of the Moon
The isotope systematics of the meteorite record four lunar impact events at 3909 ± 13 million years ago, ∼2800 Ma, ∼200 Ma, and <0.34 Ma, which can be linked to the collision with Earth sometime after 9.7 ± 1.3 thousand years ago. Expand
High resolution Holocene monsoon record from the eastern Arabian Sea
Through stable oxygen and carbon analyses of rapidly accumulating sediment cores from the eastern Arabian Sea, we show that the excess of evaporation over precipitation (E−P) steadily appears to haveExpand
Fire, storms, and erosional events in the Idaho batholith
In late December 1996, the South Fork Payette River basin in west-central Idaho experienced a prolonged storm that culminated on January 1, 1997, with intense rain on melting snow that triggeredExpand
Postglacial climate-change record in biomarker lipid compositions of the Hani peat sequence, Northeastern China
Abstract The peat sequence at Hani in northeastern China accumulated over the past 16 cal kyr in a percolation mire in which rain water and ground water seeped through the peat system. The molecularExpand
Application of tandem accelerator mass-spectrometer dating to late pleistocene-holocene sediments of the East Antarctic continental shelf
Abstract Glacial recession from the Antarctic continental shelf is recorded by glacial-marine diamictons, sands, and overlying siliceous oozes. In order to clarify the chronology for this sequence,Expand