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Families of Conformally Covariant Differential Operators, Q-Curvature and Holography
Spaces, Actions, Representations and Curvature.- Conformally Covariant Powers of the Laplacian, Q-curvature and Scattering Theory.- Paneitz Operator and Paneitz Curvature.- Intertwining Families.-Expand
Holographic formula for Q-curvature. II
  • A. Juhl
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 13 April 2007
We extend the holographic formula for the critical Q-curvature in Graham and Juhl (2007) [9] to all Q-curvatures. Moreover, we confirm a conjecture of Juhl (2009) [11].
Holographic formula for Q-curvature
In this paper we give a formula for Q-curvature in even-dimensional conformal geometry. The Q-curvature was introduced by Tom Branson in [B] and has been the subject of much research. There are now aExpand
Explicit Formulas for GJMS-Operators and Q-Curvatures
  • A. Juhl
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 1 August 2011
We describe GJMS-operators as linear combinations of compositions of natural second-order differential operators. These are defined in terms of Poincaré–Einstein metrics and renormalized volumeExpand
Cohomological Theory of Dynamical Zeta Functions
1. Introduction.- 2. Preliminaries.- 3. Zeta Functions of the Geodesic Flow of Compact Locally Symmetric Manifolds.- 4. Operators and Complexes.- 5. The Verma Complexes on SY and SX.- 6. HarmonicExpand
On conformally covariant powers of the Laplacian
  • A. Juhl
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 25 May 2009
We propose and discuss recursive formulas for conformally covariant powers $P_{2N}$ of the Laplacian (GJMS-operators). For locally conformally flat metrics, these describe the non-constant part ofExpand
The wave kernel for the Laplacian on the classical locally symmetric spaces of rank one, theta functions, trace formulas and the Selberg zeta function
We calculate the wave kernels for the classical rank-one symmetric spaces. The result is employed in order to provide a meromorphic extension of the theta function of an even-dimensional compactExpand
Conformal symmetry breaking differential operators on differential forms
We study conformal symmetry breaking differential operators which map differential forms on $\mathbb{R}^n$ to differential forms on a codimension one subspace $\mathbb{R}^{n-1}$. These operators areExpand