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Silicon-photonic clos networks for global on-chip communication
Future manycore processors will require energy-efficient, high-throughput on-chip networks. Silicon-photonics is a promising new interconnect technology which offers lower power, higher bandwidthExpand
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Building Manycore Processor-to-DRAM Networks with Monolithic Silicon Photonics
We present a new monolithic silicon photonics technology suited for integration with standard bulk CMOS processes, which reduces costs and improves opto-electrical coupling compared to previousExpand
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Analysis of redundancy and application balance in the SPEC CPU2006 benchmark suite
The recently released SPEC CPU2006 benchmark suite is expected to be used by computer designers and computer architecture researchers for pre-silicon early design analysis. Partial use of benchmarkExpand
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Building Many-Core Processor-to-DRAM Networks with Monolithic CMOS Silicon Photonics
Silicon photonics is a promising technology for addressing memory bandwidth limitations in future many-core processors. This article first introduces a new monolithic silicon-photonic technology,Expand
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Automatically countering imbalance and its empirical relationship to cost
Learning from imbalanced data sets presents a convoluted problem both from the modeling and cost standpoints. In particular, when a class is of great interest but occurs relatively rarely such as inExpand
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Measuring Program Similarity: Experiments with SPEC CPU Benchmark Suites
It is essential that a subset of benchmark programs used to evaluate an architectural enhancement, is well distributed within the target workload space rather than clustered in specific areas. PastExpand
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Measuring benchmark similarity using inherent program characteristics
This paper proposes a methodology for measuring the similarity between programs based on their inherent microarchitecture-independent characteristics, and demonstrates two applications for it: 1)Expand
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Re-architecting DRAM memory systems with monolithically integrated silicon photonics
The performance of future manycore processors will only scale with the number of integrated cores if there is a corresponding increase in memory bandwidth. Projected scaling of electrical DRAMExpand
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Designing Chip-Level Nanophotonic Interconnection Networks
Technology scaling will soon enable high-performance processors with hundreds of cores integrated onto a single die, but the success of such systems could be limited by the corresponding chip-levelExpand
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Thermal management of manycore systems with silicon-photonic networks
Silicon-photonic network-on-chips (NoCs) provide high bandwidth density; therefore, they are promising candidates to replace electrical NoCs in manycore systems. The silicon-photonic NoCs, however,Expand
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