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New Family of Boost Switched-Capacitor Seven-Level Inverters (BSC7LI)
This paper proposes a new family of multilevel inverter topology that is able to generate seven voltage levels by utilizing one or two floating capacitors and 10 power switches. Expand
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Dynamic Performance of Pumping Mode of 250 MW Variable Speed Hydro-Generating Unit Subjected to Power and Control Circuit Faults
Doubly fed induction machine (DFIM) is increasingly being preferred in sites where there is large variation in water head (e.g., Tehri hydropower complex in India having water head variation from 130Expand
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A Review of Power Electronic Converters for Variable Speed Pumped Storage Plants: Configurations, Operational Challenges, and Future Scopes
Pumped storage power plant has gained a high level of attention in recent years, mainly because of its ability to act as a large-scale energy storage option and to improve power system flexibility.Expand
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Starting and Braking of a Large Variable Speed Hydrogenerating Unit Subjected to Converter and Sensor Faults
This paper presents smooth starting and regenerative braking, and assesses performance under power converter and sensor faults of a 250-MW DFIM pump turbine unit to be commissioned in Tehri PSPP, India. Expand
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Two-Stage Protection for Multi-Channel Power Electronic Converters Fed Large Asynchronous Hydro-Generating Unit
  • R. Semwal, A. Joseph
  • Computer Science
  • International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC…
  • 1 May 2018
This paper presents two stage protection circuit for the multi-channeled VSI since it is useful for the continuous operation of the unit in case of marginal grid disturbances. Expand
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Three level STATCOM Based Power Quality Solution for a 4 MW Induction Furnace
The paper explains the power quality study conducted in a 4 MW mini steel plant, having fault level of 250 MVA, to investigate the critical electrical problems caused by the harmonics and theExpand
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Reliability of Variable Speed Pumped-Storage Plant
This paper evaluates a large-rated (250 MW) DFIM-fed variable-speed unit of a PSPP in terms of its reliability and availability in view of cost, optimal efficiency, and space requirements. Expand
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Are the emerging bric stock markets efficient
The study examines the weak form efficiency in stock returns for the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), from January 2000 to December 2010. The study uses LM unit root test with oneExpand
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Is the Causal Nexus between Agricultural Commodity Futures and Spot Prices Asymmetric? Evidence from India
The present study investigates the potential asymmetric causal relationship between the Indian agricultural commodity futures and spot prices by employing asymmetric causality test [1]. The asymmetryExpand
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Boost multi-level NPC-fed VS large rated asynchronous pumped storage hydro-generating unit
The proposed boost neutral point clamped (NPC) converter topology provides a voltage output two times larger than a conventional three-level NPC (3L- NPC) with similar DC-link voltage and equal number of switches. Expand
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