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Looking at, looking up or keeping up with people?: motives and use of facebook
Factor analysis identified seven unique uses and gratifications of Facebook: social connection, shared identities, content, social investigation, social network surfing and status updating, and user demographics, site visit patterns and the use of privacy settings were associated with different uses and gratification.
Self‐disclosure in computer‐mediated communication: The role of self‐awareness and visual anonymity
Three studies examined the notion that computer-mediated communication (CMC) can be characterised by high levels of self-disclosure. In Study One, significantly higher levels of spontaneous
Social desirability, anonymity, and internet-based questionnaires
  • A. Joinson
  • Psychology
    Behavior research methods, instruments…
  • 1 September 1999
It was found that people reported lower social anxiety and social desirability and higher self-esteem when they are anonymous than when they were nonanonymous, and implications for the use of the Internet for the collection of psychological data are discussed.
Understanding the Psychology of Internet Behaviour: Virtual Worlds, Real Lives
From the Publisher: The Internet is transforming business, education, perhaps even ourselves. In this timely text Adam Joinson provides a clear, engaging and lively summary of the psychology of the
The Rise of Consumer Health Wearables: Promises and Barriers
This work considers whether wearable technology can become a valuable asset for health care and investigates the role that smartwatches can play in this process.
Development of measures of online privacy concern and protection for use on the Internet
Three short Internetadministered scales measuring privacy-related attitudes (Privacy Concern, General Caution and Technical Protection) and behaviors are described and presented for use in online privacy research.
Privacy, Trust, and Self-Disclosure Online
It is indicated that privacy and trust at a situational level interact such that high trust compensates for low privacy, and vice versa.
Development of measures of online privacy concern and protection for use on the Internet
As the Internet grows in importance, concerns about online privacy have arisen. The authors describe the development and validation of three short Internet-administered scales measuring