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Microalbuminuria in HIV Disease
Background/Aims: Microalbuminuria is a marker for early kidney disease and cardiovascular risk. The purposes of this study were to determine the prevalence of microalbuminuria in an HIV-infectedExpand
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Renal Failure Five Years After Lung Transplantation Due to Polyomavirus BK‐Associated Nephropathy
Polyomavirus‐associated nephropathy (PyVAN) is rare in nonrenal solid organ transplantation and only limited information is available from single cases. We describe a 67‐year‐old female presentingExpand
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Development and implementation of Baltimore Healthy Eating Zones: a youth-targeted intervention to improve the urban food environment.
Poor accessibility to affordable healthy foods is associated with higher rates of obesity and diet-related chronic diseases. We present our process evaluation of a youth-targeted environmentalExpand
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Spontaneous pregnancies following discontinuation of IVF/ICSI treatment: an internet-based survey
Abstract The objective was to determine the likelihood of conceiving spontaneously following cessation of IVF/ICSI; how long does it take and what factors are associated with conception? The designExpand
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ABSTRACT On the morning of the 12th of September 2004, a storm surge produced by Hurricane Ivan moved across Grand Cayman and swept an estimated 900 drums of used oil from their storage site,Expand
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Stomal stenosis, a complex stoma complication: case study
There are a variety of complications that can affect people who have a temporary or permanent stoma. This article discusses the complication of stomal stenosis, and the causes and predisposingExpand
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Pregnancy outcomes after metformin treatment for gestational diabetes: a case-control study
Background There is increasing evidence that metformin is safe and effective in the treatment of gestational diabetes (GDM), although it has not yet been widely accepted for routine practice. WeExpand
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Metformin treatment for gestational diabetes
The prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is rising as the pregnant population becomes older and more obese. This is concerning because GDM is associated with increased perinatalExpand
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Association between insulin resistance and preeclampsia in obese non-diabetic women receiving metformin
Objectives To examine whether the reduced incidence of preeclampsia in non-diabetic obese pregnant women treated with metformin is mediated by changes in insulin resistance. Methods This was aExpand
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The importance of visceral fat mass in obese pregnant women and relation with pregnancy outcomes
Background Maternal obesity is a well established risk factor for gestational diabetes but it is not known if the pattern of maternal fat distribution predicts adverse pregnancy outcomes. MethodsExpand
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