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Subband/Transform coding using filter bank designs based on time domain aliasing cancellation
A new, oddly stacked, critically sampled, single side-band (SSB) analysis/synthesis system based on Time Domain Aliasing Cancellation (TDAC) is described in this paper. Expand
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Concurrent Programming in T-cham
A coordination style programming language, T-Cham, is proposed. It is based on the paradigm of the chemical abstract machine (Cham) and transaction programming paradigm. Hierarchical tuple spaces,Expand
PC Implementation of Optimal Sampled-Data Control for Robotic Manipulators
A stochastic optimal sampled-data tracking controller is implemented to control an X-V robot using a personal computer using a continuous-time cost criterion. Expand
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Design Study for a GRP-Sandwich Floor Structure
HELISAFE D23-6: HOSS validation and final specification