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A Mechanism of Extreme Growth and Reliable Signaling in Sexually Selected Ornaments and Weapons
Truthful Embellishments Exaggerated ornaments such as beetle horns, deer antlers, and extreme tail lengths in birds are typically assumed to be subject to sexual selection because they signal theExpand
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Heightened condition-dependent growth of sexually selected weapons in the rhinoceros beetle, Trypoxylus dichotomus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae).
The exaggerated weapons and ornaments of sexual selection are condition-dependent traits that often grow to exaggerated proportions. The horns of male rhinoceros beetles are extremely sensitive toExpand
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Insights into the Development and Evolution of Exaggerated Traits Using De Novo Transcriptomes of Two Species of Horned Scarab Beetles
Scarab beetles exhibit an astonishing variety of rigid exo-skeletal outgrowths, known as “horns”. These traits are often sexually dimorphic and vary dramatically across species in size, shape,Expand
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Losses of glomalin-related soil protein under prolonged arable cropping: A chronosequence study in sandy soils of the South African Highveld
Abstract Residues of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) may be important for agroecosystem functioning due to their ability to promote soil aggregation, especially in coarse textured soils withExpand
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Sexual dimorphism and heightened conditional expression in a sexually selected weapon in the Asian rhinoceros beetle
Among the most dramatic examples of sexual selection are the weapons used in battles between rival males over access to females. As with ornaments of female choice, the most “exaggerated” sexuallyExpand
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Wet wet wet
This article pilots a way through the stormy waters of the deregulated utilities market to help to find the best deal.
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Enabling robot scientists to screen for anti-parasitic drugs