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Some physicochemical properties of acha (digitaria exilis stapf) and iburu (Digitaria iburua stapf) grains
Some physicochemical properties of two cultivated species of Digitaria (D exilis and D iburua) were studied. Physical properties such as 1000-kernel weight, kernel size and water absorption rate of
Composition and functionality of wheat bran and its application in some cereal food products
Summary Production of wheat bran (WB) for human consumption is estimated to be about 90 million tonnes per year. WB is a cheap and abundant source of dietary fibre which has been linked to
Modeling microwave drying kinetics and moisture diffusivity of Mabonde banana variety
Abstract: This study investigates the microwave drying kinetics of thin layer Mabonde banana variety (MBV) at power levels between 100 and 300 W. Six mathematical drying models: Wang and Singh,
Functional Properties and Postharvest Utilization of Commercial and Noncommercial Banana Cultivars.
Banana postharvest utilization includes its use as functional foods, prebiotics, probiotics, nutraceuticals, and processing into value-added products.
Effects of organic acid pretreatment on microstructure, functional and thermal properties of unripe banana flour
Starch availability has been implicated in unripe matured banana (Musa species), which when processed yields flour suitable for application in low gluten and composite wheat formulations. Unripe Musa
Effect of size reduction on colour, hydration and rheological properties of wheat bran
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of size reduction of wheat bran (WB) on water holding capacity (WHC), water retention capacity (WRC), swelling capacity (SC); rheological and colour
Morphological, physicochemical, and antioxidant profile of noncommercial banana cultivars
The high amount of TPs present in these cultivars make them suitable source of bio-nutrients with great medicinal and health functions.
Optimization of microwave drying conditions of two banana varieties using response surface methodology.
Dptimization of microwave drying conditions of Luvhele and Mabonde banana varieties were studied using response surface methodology. The drying was performed using a central composite rotatable
The effect of cooking on proteins from acha (Digitaria exilis) and durum wheat
The effect of cooking on proteins from acha and durum wheat was assessed from an analysis of protein extractability, gel electrophoretic profiles, in-vitro protein digestibility (IVPD) and the amino
Quality assessment of acha-based biscuit improved with bambara nut and unripe plantain
Five value added biscuit products were produced from three different raw materials, namely acha (Digitaria exilis Staph), bambara nut and unripe plantain, at different proportions: 100:0:0% (ACH105),