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A method for the 2.45-GHz magnetron output power control
A new method that overcomes the disadvantages of the conventional magnetron output power (MOP) control is presented in this paper, The conventional LC single-phase half-wave doubler supply has beenExpand
Schlieren and “focused” shadowgraphy visualization of the shape and wake of single air bubbles freely rising in quiescent water
Schlieren and “focused” shadowgraphy were used as visualization methods with the aim of giving experimental support to the understanding and numerical modelling of the behaviour of single bubbles freely rising in a quiescent fluid, as well as of the near and far flow field around them. Expand
Control system for ALID-7 linear accelerator used in radiation processing
The data acquisition and control system for the electron linear accelerator ALID-7 of 5.5 MeV and 0.7 kW, built in Romania, used on pilot-scale radiation processing, is discussed. The systemExpand
In situ analysis of phase transformation in sol–gel cogelified nanopowder mixture of Al2O3 and TiO2 using synchrotron X-ray radiation diffraction experiments
Abstract Aluminium titanate (Al 2 TiO 5 ) has been selected for study due to its high melting point and thermal shock resistance. In situ analysis of phase transformation and of transformationExpand
A Circle of Friends: Romanian Revolutionaries and Political Exile, 1840-1859
Angela Jianu explores the lives and activities of a group of Romanian revolutionaries exiled in Paris, London and the Middle East in the aftermath of the insurrections of 1848. Drawing largely onExpand
Strategies against Particle Fouling in the Channels of a Micro Heat Exchanger When Performing μPIV Flow Pattern Measurements
The measurements of flow patterns in the channels of micro devices such as mixers and heat exchangers are usually performed with the well-established μ PIV (micro Particle Imaging Velocimetry)Expand
A digital instrument for nondestructive measurements of coating thicknesses by beta backscattering
Abstract The elements of nondestructive gauging of coatings applied on various metal bases are presented. The intensity of the backscattered beta radiations is related to the thickness of theExpand
The Kishinev Ghetto, 1941–1942: A Documentary History of the Holocaust in Romania's Contested Borderlands
„În momentul în care evreii din Chișinău au fost aliniați, gata pentru a fi conduși la moarte, când una dintre mamele vârstnice își îmbrățișa fiul, plângând, unii dintre creștini, vecini de o viațăExpand
Transitory and permanent effects of electron beam irradiation on insulating materials
Abstract Transitory and permanent effects of electron beam irradiation on mechanical and electrical properties of a large list of organic insulating materials, such as: polyethylene (PE), polyvinylExpand
Real-Time Holographic Interferometry in Photorefractive BTO Crystals Using Optical Phase Conjugation with a Low Power Laser Diode
We demonstrate holographic interferometry using photorefractive BTO crystals as reusable recording materials, optical phase conjugation with low power laser diodes and computer image processing forExpand