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Physiological and quality responses of longan fruit to high O2 or high CO2 atmospheres in storage
Abstract Longan fruit ( Dimocarpus longan Lour. cvs Chuliang and Shixia) were stored in controlled atmospheres (CA) of 4% O 2 plus 5 or 15% CO 2, or 70% O 2 plus 0% CO 2 at 2 °C to determine theExpand
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Effects of calcium on biocontrol activity of yeast antagonists against the postharvest fungal pathogen Rhizopus stolonifer
Calcium chloride (2% w/v) significantly inhibited the growth of the pathogen Rhizopus stolonifer, but did not affect the colony-forming units (CFU) of yeasts Candida guilliermondii and PichiaExpand
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Climate and natural production of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) in Xishuangbanna, southern part of Yunnan province, China
According to the author's and his collaborators' investigations, the climate influences the growth of rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) in Xishuangbanna, the southern part of Yunnan Province, China,Expand
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Responses of physiology and quality of sweet cherry fruit to different atmospheres in storage
Abstract Sweet cherry (Prunus avium L. cv Lapis) fruits were stored in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and controlled atmospheres (CA) of 5%O2 plus 10%CO2, or 70%O2 plus 0%CO2 at 1 °C, toExpand
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Evaluation of the use of high CO2 concentrations and cold storage to control of Monilinia fructicola on sweet cherries
Abstract Growth of Monilinia fructicola significantly declined with increased CO 2 concentration, both in vitro and in vivo. CO 2 concentrations at 15–25%, provided a significant reduction in lesionExpand
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Climate and Agriculture in China
China has made great efforts in developing agriculture and achieved significant success in agricultural production during the last 40 years. The total annual production of staple food crops (grainsExpand
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Pretreatment of waste oil and biodiesel preparation catalyzed by immobilized lipase
As a new kind of environment-friendly renewable energy, the high cost of raw materials limits the application of biodiesel. Producing biodiesel from waste oil could effectively reduce its materialExpand