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“Anyone Else Seeing this Error?”: Community, System Administrators, and Patch Information
It is argued that the mailing list of the website PatchManagement.org is an example of an Online Community of Practice, where practitioners engage in communal learning and support in the patching process. Expand
Paired Programming in a Clayton’s Capstone Project Course
In this paper the authors describe an Information Systems course where paired programming was trialled in the hope of improving both the assessment outcomes and the resourcing of an existing systemsExpand
"I Don't Know Too Much About It": On the Security Mindsets of Computer Science Students
Investigating the security and privacy perceptions, experiences, and practices of current Computer Science students at the graduate and undergraduate level using semi-structured interviews finds that the attitudes of students already match many of those that have been observed in professional level developers. Expand
Why Define? The Case for Definitions of Knowledge
The paper proposes that the use of a given definition of knowledge has a direct impact on the design specifications and evaluation criteria of a knowledge management system. Expand
A Roadmap for Evaluating Online Teaching
  • A. Jenkins
  • Computer Science
  • eLearn Mag.
  • 20 August 2015
Evaluating Online Teaching is a must-read for distance learning administrators tasked with faculty evaluations, guiding the reader through the complexities of creating or overhauling a faculty evaluation process. Expand
What Mary Didn't Know About Tacit Knowledge
The existence of qualia disproves the assumption that all tacit knowledge is potentially capable of being converted into explicit knowledge, and it is recommended that IS researchers resist blindly accepting this assumption as one of the foundations of their argument. Expand
The Design of Reflective Journals as Course Evaluation Instruments - an Information Systems Case Study
Examination of the use of a reflective journal system in an Information Systems course suggests that the journal was effective, but further work would need to be completed in order for the reflective journal model to be useful in large classes in terms of course evaluation. Expand
An ICT-enabled Product Service System for Reuse of Building Components
The development of a prototype cyber-physical data exchange system that connects RFID, BIM and the Cloud-based data platform by which reusable building components may be identified, tracked and managed is outlined. Expand
BDI Agents: A Soft Model for Organisations?
Soft Systems methodologies provide a means by which systems researchers can understand and work with complex systems. However they rarely attempt to model the cognitive processes that often occurExpand