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Performing security: The imaginative geographies of current US strategy
Political geographers have recently focused their attention on the performative nature and imaginative geographies of US security strategies. This work has illuminated a number of mechanisms throughExpand
The Improvised State: Sovereignty, Performance and Agency in Dayton Bosnia
Description: Over the past 15 years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has served as a laboratory of techniques to re–establish state sovereignty and promote democracy. The post–conflict intervention in BosniaExpand
Rethinking Enclosure: Space, Subjectivity and the Commons
Abstract:  While concepts of “enclosure” and the “commons” are becoming increasingly popular in critical geography, there have been few attempts to think them together. This paper sets out aExpand
Building state capacity in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina: The case of Brčko District
Abstract When the Dayton Peace Accords brought to an end three and a half years of conflict in Bosnia, Brcko municipality was not included in the agreement due to its strategic significance to allExpand
Geographical Thought: An Introduction to Ideas in Human Geography
1. Geographies of Empire: The Imperial Tradition Introduction Empire, imperialism and colonialism Defining terms Portuguese and Spanish empires British Empire The institionalisation of geography FromExpand
The Geopolitical Framing of Localized Struggles: NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The outbreak of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was widely regarded by the international community as a ‘humanitarian nightmare’. Imagining the conflict in these terms ensured that it wasExpand
Contesting Europe: The Politics of Bosnian Integration into European Structures
This paper explores what is meant by ‘being European’ in contemporary Bosnia. Over the past two decades, Western politicians have justified interventions in Bosnia through recourse to an OrientalistExpand
Spaces of enclosure
Building on recent critical scholarship by authors including Retort [Retort, 2005. Afflicted Powers: Capital and Spectacle in a New Age of War. Verso, London] and Ferguson [Ferguson, J., 2006. GlobalExpand
Understanding legitimacy: Perspectives from anomalous geopolitical spaces
This special issue explores the production of political legitimacy, approached from the angle of the legitimacy claims of the governing authorities of anomalous geopolitical spaces. Legitimacy sitsExpand