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Recent advances in understanding migration systems of New World land birds
Our understanding of migratory birds' year-round ecology and evolution remains patchy despite recent fundamental advances. Periodic reviews focus future research and inform conservation andExpand
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Conserving migratory land birds in the new world: do we know enough?
Migratory bird needs must be met during four phases of the year: breeding season, fall migration, wintering, and spring migration; thus, management may be needed during all four phases. The bulk ofExpand
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Determinants of partial bird migration in the Amazon Basin.
1. Little is known about mechanisms that drive migration of birds at tropical latitudes. Because most migratory bird species in South America have populations that are present year-round, partialExpand
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Migration Timing and Wintering Areas of Three Species of Flycatchers (Tyrannus) Breeding in the Great Plains of North America
ABSTRACT. Descriptions of intra- and interspecific variation in migratory patterns of closely related species are rare yet valuable because they can help assess how differences in ecology andExpand
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Long-Distance Bird Migration within South America Revealed by Light-Level Geolocators
ABSTRACT. Little is known about the timing of migration, migration routes, and migratory connectivity of most of the >230 species of birds that breed at south temperate latitudes of South AmericaExpand
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Research to date has demonstrated that bird migration is comprised of highly diverse and plastic behavioural patterns. Our objective is to highlight the importance of studying mecha- nisms underlyingExpand
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An overview of migratory birds in Brazil
We reviewed the occurrences and distributional patterns of migratory species of birds in Brazil. A species was classified as migratory when at least part of its population performs cyclical, seasonalExpand
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Drivers of clutch-size in Fork-tailed Flycatchers (Tyrannus savana) at temperate and tropical latitudes in South America
Abstract Many species of birds exhibit a latitudinal gradient in annual reproductive investment, laying more eggs and producing more nestlings at higher latitudes. However, few studies have evaluatedExpand
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First Documented Migration of Individual White-Crested Elaenias (Elaenia albiceps chilensis) in South America
ABSTRACT Few details are available on the migration (rates, routes, dates) of Neotropical austral migrant birds, which breed and migrate wholly within South America. Only one long-distance australExpand
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