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Accuracy enhancement of a split-ring resonator liquid sensor using dielectric resonator coupling
Two planar resonant sensors for biomedical applications are compared with respect to their functionality when measuring high-loss materials. One sensor is a split-ring resonator. Liquid samples areExpand
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Multiplicatively processed antenna arrays for DBF radar applications
Nonlinear multiplicative processing of receiving antenna arrays enables a significant reduction of elements (i.e. thinning), which becomes increasingly important for large digital beamforming (DBF)Expand
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Investigations of transmission lines and resonant structures on flexed liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrates up to 67 GHz
This paper deals with the effects of bending flexible circuits on liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrates in the gigahertz range. It investigates how the performance of passive circuit elements isExpand
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Mode continua for Inverse Class-F RF power amplifiers
A continuum of closed-form solutions for voltage waveforms resulting from a complex load at the fundamental and reactive terminations at certain harmonic frequencies is analytically derived forExpand
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3D-printed low-cost, low-loss microwave components up to 40 GHz
This contribution investigates the manufacturability and the performance of waveguide components fabricated using a consumer-grade 3D printer. This low-cost process enables a fast fabrication ofExpand
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Accelerated Simulation of Planar Circuits by Means of Wavelets
A simple and computationally efficient method to a priori evaluate the magnitude of reactions in wavelet Galerkin schemes is presented. This avoids the calculation of unnecessary impedance matrixExpand
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Stepped impedance microstrip couplers with improved directivity
This paper presents the design of microstrip couplers with improved directivity. In order to compensate for the unequal phase velocities of even- and odd-mode in inhomogeneous media, the coupler isExpand
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A Q-band power amplifier MMIC using 100 nm AlGaN/GaN HEMT
The next generation of satellite communication systems at Q/V-band increases the need for highly performing MMIC technology. Gallium nitride high electron mobility transistors (GaN HEMTs) can provideExpand
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Compact wideband single-ended and differential microstrip-to-waveguide transitions at W-band
Two W-band inline transitions between microstrip line and rectangular waveguide are presented. They cover the single-ended and equivalent differential microstrip line case and result from a commonExpand
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Multilayer-integration of wideband LTCC image rejection mixers at K-band
  • T. Baras, A. Jacob
  • Materials Science
  • German Microwave Conference Digest of Papers
  • 15 March 2010
This article presents integration techniques for realizing hybrid K-band image rejection mixer (IRM) modules in low temperature cofired ceramic substrates. The required couplers are integratedExpand
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