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Measurement of soil radioactivity levels and radiation hazard assessment in mid Rechna interfluvial region, Pakistan
Radioactivity levels in soil samples, collected from mid Rechna interfluvial region, Pakistan have been estimated by using gamma ray spectrometric technique. 226Ra, 232Th, the primordial radionuclideExpand
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Assessment of nickel bioavailability through chemical extractants and red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) in an amended soil: Related changes in various parameters of red clover.
Application of immobilizing agents may efficiently reduce the bioavailability of nickel (Ni) in the soil. Here we report the effect of biochar (BC), gravel sludge (GS) and zeolite (ZE) as a soleExpand
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Measurement of naturally occurring/fallout radioactive elements and assessment of annual effective dose in soil samples collected from four districts of the Punjab Province, Pakistan
Soil samples were collected from different localities of districts Jhelum, Chakwal, Rawalpindi and Attock, Punjab Province, Pakistan with an aim to measure naturally occurring radionuclides, namelyExpand
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Measurement of soil radioactivity levels and radiation hazard assessment in southern Rechna interfluvial region, Pakistan
Rechna interfluvial region is one of the main regions of Punjab, Pakistan. It is the area which is lying between River Ravi and River Chenab, alluvial-filled. Radioactivity levels in soil samples,Expand
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Radiometric analysis of rock and soil samples of Leepa Valley; Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
In this article, we present results obtained from a radiometric survey that was conducted in the Leepa Valley of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan. The purpose of current study is to appraise theExpand
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Appraisal of radioactivity and associated radiation hazards in sand samples of four rivers of Punjab province, Pakistan
Natural and anthropogenic radioactivity of sand and water samples collected from the four big rivers of Punjab province, Pakistan, was measured using a high-purity germanium detector coupled with aExpand
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Nano-silica inclusion effects on mechanical and dynamic behavior of fiber reinforced carbon/Kevlar with epoxy resin hybrid composites
Abstract The effects of nano-silica (NS) particles inclusion on the tensile, flexural, vibration and damping characteristics of intraply and woven fiber reinforced carbon/Kevlar/epoxy (CKFRE) hybridExpand
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Chickpea lines Flip 90-131C, Flip 96-152C, Flip 96-153C, Flip 96-155C, Flip 96-158C and ICCV 95503 were found highly resistant (0% incidence) to wilt disease whereas Flip 85-29C, Flip 85-30C and FlipExpand
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Paradoxical Vitamin D deficiency in a sunny country: A narrative review of the literature from the United Arab Emirates (1992–2018)
Deficiency of Vitamin D is a global problem related to lack of sunlight exposure and reduced dietary intake. Vitamin D deficiency (VDD) affects mainly skeletal structure and function but has a numberExpand
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Investigating the link between transaction and computational costs in a blockchain environment
We introduce the notion of computational costs (measured in units of gas) as an essential mechanism for completing operational transactions in the blockchain environment and propose two unique contributions. Expand
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