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Extreme precipitation events in the Middle East: Dynamics of the Active Red Sea Trough
[1] The Active Red Sea Trough (ARST) is an infrequent weather phenomenon that is associated with extreme precipitation, flash floods, and severe societal impacts in the Middle East (ME). UsingExpand
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Foam stability: Part IV.† Kinetics and activation energy of film rupture
High-speed cinematography of collapsing lamellae of an aqueous Tee-pol solution reveals that spontaneous rupture always takes place in the thinnest part of the lamella. The rate of hole expansion isExpand
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Foam stability: Part V. Mechanism of film rupture†
Lamellae of pure liquid and low-molecular solutions are unstable because of the absence of a limiting thickness. Rapid collapse of these lamellae may start at relatively large thickness (∼ 500 A)Expand
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Uni- and biaxial orientation of polymer films and sheets
Uni- and biaxial stretching of various polymer films has been studied under well-defined conditions of temperature and elongational strain rate in order to determine the relationship between stressExpand
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Foam stability. Part I. Structure and stability of foams
A critical survey is given of the various factors governing the stability of foams. Special attention is paid to the role of surface tension and to the importance of Gibbs' effect of surfaceExpand
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Foam stability: Part. II. Gas diffusion in foams
Pressure differences between foam bubbles of unequal size are the cause of gas transfer from small to larger bubbles. The rate at which the small bubbles decrease in size is calculated as a functionExpand
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Monocytes and radiation-induced atheromatosis in rabbits
SummaryPrevious experiments have shown that local irradiation of the carotid arteries of hypercholesterolemic rabbits results in the development of atheromatosis in the irradiated areas of theExpand
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Does intraoperative cell salvage reduce postoperative infection rates in cardiac surgery
Objective Primary outcome was the risk for infections after cell salvage in cardiac surgery. Design Data of a randomized controlled trial on cell salvage and filter use (ISRCTN58333401). Setting SixExpand
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Photoelectrochemical properties of MgTiO3 and other titanates with the ilmenite structure
Abstract The photoelectrochemical properties and the diffuse reflection spectrum of MgTiO 3 are reported. MgTiO 3 shows an optical absorption edge' near 3.7 eV. This makes the material unsuitable forExpand
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Evaluation of analytical gel permeation chromatography columns packed with porous silica beads
Spherical porous silica beads, a new material manufactured by Pechiney-Saint-Gobain, has been studied as a packing material for gel permeation chromatography columns. By choosing an appropriate poreExpand
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