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Iron Compounds in Organic Synthesis
Iron carbonyls in synthesis alkeneiron complexes n1- and n3-allyliron complexes n1-acyliron complexes carbene complexes diene complexes of iron dienyl complexes of iron arene-iron complexes.
Distribution of class II transposase and resolvase genes in soil bacteria and their association with mer genes
A compilation of the data from this study on tnpA and tnpR regions and a previous study on merRT delta P regions indicates the presence of hybrid transposons and provides evidence for extensive recombination, both betweenTransposon genes and between transposon and mer genes, within these natural populations of bacteria. Expand
Genetic diversity within mer genes directly amplified from communities of noncultivated soil and sediment bacteria
Variation of mer genes within and between the sequences from cultivated bacteria and from total bacterial DNA shows clearly that analysing only sequences from cultivating organisms results in a gross underestimation of genetic variation. Expand
Application of Arene-Ruthenium Chemistry to a Formal Total Synthesis of OF 4949 III.
A convergent formal total synthesis of OF 4949 III is described. Arene-ruthenium chemistry was used in the construction of the diaryl ether linkage in high yield, and cycloamidation under highExpand
Metallo Organic Chemistry
Bonding in Transition Metal Organometallic Complexes Some Common Properties and Reactions of Transition Metal Organometallic Complexes s-Alkyl Complexes Carbene and Carbyne Complexes n2-Alkene andExpand
Kinetics and mechanism of the autoxidation of the 2-amino-4-hydroxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropteridines
The autoxidation of tetrahydrofolic acid and tetrahydrobiopterin, 6-substituted derivatives of 2-amino-4-hydroxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropteridines (tetrahydropterins), has been investigated by productExpand