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Modelling Time-Varying Exchange Rate Dependence Using the Conditional Copula
Linear correlation is only an adequate means of describing the dependence between two random variables when they are jointly elliptically distributed. When the joint distribution of two or moreExpand
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Correction to “Automatic Block-Length Selection for the Dependent Bootstrap” by D. Politis and H. White
A correction on the optimal block size algorithms of Politis and White (2004) is given following a correction of Lahiri's (Lahiri 1999) theoretical results by Nordman (2008).
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Mechanically regulated expression of a neural glutamate transporter in bone: a role for excitatory amino acids as osteotropic agents?
Without habitual exercise, bone is lost from the skeleton. Interactions between the effects of loading of bone and other osteotropic influences are thought to regulate bone mass. In an attempt toExpand
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Human Trabecular Bone Cells Are Able to Express Both Osteoblastic and Adipocytic Phenotype: Implications for Osteopenic Disorders
The decrease in bone volume associated with osteoporosis and age‐related osteopenia is accompanied by increased marrow adipose tissue formation. Reversal of this process may provide a novelExpand
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Expression of an N-methyl-D-aspartate-type receptor by human and rat osteoblasts and osteoclasts suggests a novel glutamate signaling pathway in bone.
Signaling between the various types of cells found in bone is responsible for controlling the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, and therefore the regulation of bone mass. Our identification ofExpand
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Expression of a functional N-methyl-D-aspartate-type glutamate receptor by bone marrow megakaryocytes.
Better understanding of hemostasis will be possible by the identification of new lineage-specific stimuli that regulate platelet formation. We describe a novel functional megakaryocyte receptor thatExpand
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Localization of ADAM10 and Notch receptors in bone.
In Drosophila melanogaster, the role of the metallodisintegrin, Kuzbanian (kuz), is thought to involve activation of the Drosophila Notch receptor that plays a role in cell-fate determination duringExpand
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Dynamic Semiparametric Models for Expected Shortfall (and Value-At-Risk)
Expected Shortfall (ES) is the average return on a risky asset conditional on the return being below some quantile of its distribution, namely its Value-at-Risk (VaR). The Basel III Accord, whichExpand
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Identification and cloning of a human urea transporter HUT11, which is downregulated during adipogenesis of explant cultures of human bone
Bipotential cells in human trabecular bone explant cultures that express osteoblast characteristics are able to undergo adipogenesis in the presence of 3‐isobutyl‐1‐methylxanthine plus dexamethasoneExpand
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