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Electrochemical oxidation route of methyl paraben on a boron-doped diamond anode
Abstract Parabens have been widely used in different industries and can be found in health and personal care products. They are esters of p -hydroxy-benzoic acid associated with breast tumors andExpand
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Avaliação dos tratamentos eletroquímico e fotoeletroquímico na degradação de corantes têxteis
This paper presents the study of the oxidation of three textile dyes (Remazol black B, Remazol Brilliant Orange 3R and Remazol Golden Yellow RNL) using electrochemical and photoelectrochemicalExpand
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Photoelectrochemical treatment of the dye reactive red 198 using DSA® electrodes
Abstract The study of the oxidation of the dye reactive red 198 on Ti/Ru 0.3 Ti 0.7 O 2 electrode is presented. Three different techniques were employed: photocatalytic (interaction of UV radiationExpand
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New mechanistic aspects of methanol oxidation
Abstract Parallel reactions during methanol electro-oxidation at smooth Pt electrodes lead to the formation of considerable amounts of HCHO and HCOOH together with CO 2 . In the present paper, theExpand
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Electrocombustion of humic acid and removal of algae from aqueous solutions
This paper reports experiments involving the electrochemical combustion of humic acid (HA) and removal of algae from pond water. An electrochemical flow reactor with a boron-doped diamond film anodeExpand
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Electro-oxidation of ethanol on gold: analysis of the reaction products and mechanism
Although the electrocatalytic properties of gold are not as good as those of platinum, the oxidation of small alcohol molecules, such as ethanol, is possible at gold both in acid and alkaline media.Expand
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Photoelectrochemical degradation of humic acid on a (TiO2)0.7(RuO2)0.3 dimensionally stable anode
Abstract This study reports the results obtained for the degradation of humic acid (HA) in aqueous solution, by electrochemical and photoelectrochemical oxidation. The experiments were carried outExpand
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Unexpected toxicity decrease during photoelectrochemical degradation of atrazine with NaCl
This report shows an unexpected toxicity decrease during atrazine photoelectrodegradation in the presence of NaCl. Atrazine is a pesticide classified as endocrine disruptor occurring in industrialExpand
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Comparative study of 2‐amino and 3‐aminobenzoic acid copolymerization with aniline synthesis and copolymer properties
Polyanilines soluble in an aqueous basic medium were synthesised by copolymerization of aniline (ANI) with both 2 and 3-aminobenzoic acids (ABA). Differ- ent composition copolymers were prepared byExpand
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The oxidation of formaldehyde on high overvoltage DSA type electrodes
Neste trabalho a oxidacao eletroquimica do formaldeido e estudada sobre eletrodos dimensionalmente estaveis preparados por decomposicao termica de percursores (correspondentes cloretos). ForamExpand
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