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Stress relaxation in rabbits' lungs
Hysteresis on inflation and deflation of the lungs has been described in man (Mead, Whittenberger & Radford, 1957; Butler, 1957) and in rabbits (Bernstein, 1957). A large distension of the lungsExpand
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Depression of the cough reflex by pentobarbitone and some opium derivatives.
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The output of lymphocytes from the lymphatic system of the rabbit
There is an extensive literature on the rates of lymphocyte liberation into the blood stream (see Drinker & Yoffey, 1941; Yoffey, 1950, for references). In the rabbit Sanders, Florey & Barnes (1940)Expand
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The role of the lymphatic system in the pathogenesis of anthrax.
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Mechanical factors in the formation of oedema in perfused rabbits' lungs
In considering the formation of pulmonary oedema it is usual to apply Starling's hypothesis (Starling, 1894). This states that the rate of passage of fluid across capillary endothelium isExpand
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The effect of pulmonary congestion and oedema on lung compliance
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The absorption of Clostridium botulinum type A toxin from the alimentary canal.
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The efficiency of filtration by the popliteal lymph node of the rabbit.
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Physical changes in the lungs during respiratory infection with Brucelia suis.
Distribution Characteristics of Cylindrical Radiators
Experimental data on the directional characteristics of a number of quasi‐cylindrical sector radiators vibrating radially are given. The variables considered are those of sector angle, height, andExpand
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