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The biology of Crangon vulgaris L. in the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary.
  • A. J. Lloyd, C. Yonge
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of the Marine Biological Association of…
  • 1 June 1947
Introduction Collection and measurement. General description of the fisheries The Estuary of the Severn The Bristol Channel Conditions of life . Moulting and growth. Reproduction . Secondary sexualExpand
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Anton Dohrn Seamount and the evolution of the Rockall Trough
Seismic data from the flat-topped Anton Dohrn Seamount in the central Rockall Trough reveal that the feature is capped by a thin (approximately 100 m) sedimentary layer which covers an extensiveExpand
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Polymorphinid, miliolid and rotaliform foraminifera from the type Kimmeridgian
"Systematic descriptions of the calcareous foraminifera (excluding Nodosariidae) from the Kimmeridge clay of Dorset (England) are given. Variation studies on the most common forms, here referred toExpand
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Chapter 8 Protozoa
Class ACTINOPODA Calkins 1909 Subclass heliozoa Haeckel 1866 Unimportant as fossils. Range Pleist—extant. (Treatise D). Subclass radiolaria Müller 1858 Introduction: Radiolarian literature is repleteExpand
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Correlation between Egg-Carrying Setæ and Cement Glands in Decapod Crustacea
IN the Decapod Crustacea the female possesses characteristically long non-plumose setæ on many of the abdominal, and in some cases certain of the posterior thoracic, appondages. It is to these hairsExpand
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The geology of the Bristol Channel floor
A reconnaissance survey has been made with side-scan sonar, Boomer and gravity corer of a sea-floor area extending from the mouth of the River Severn to the longitude of Hartland Point, and from theExpand
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Upper Jurassic Rocks Beneath the Bristol Channel
THE first results from a geological survey of the floor of the Bristol Channel, carried out during the spring of 1960, have already been reported1. Jurassic rocks were found “from the Holms westwardsExpand
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Fusulinids from the Zinnar Formation (lower Permian) of northern Iraq
In the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq the Zinnar Formation (Permian) rests unconformably on rocks of Tournaisian [Lower Carboniferous] age. Certain horizons in the lower part of this formation areExpand
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Anton Dohm Seamount and the evolution Atlantic Basalts Guyot Rifting Roc kali of the Rockall Trough
RÉSUMÉ Atlantique Basaltes Guyot Rifting Rockall E. John W. JONES a, Ruth SIDDALL a, Matthew F. THIRLWALL b, P. Neil CHROSTON c and Adrian J. LLOYD a a Department of Geological Sciences, UniversityExpand
The Luxembourg Colloquium and the Revision of the Stages of the Jurassic System
"A report is given of the origin, aims, proceedings, and conclusions of the 9Colloquium on the Jurassic9 held in Luxembourg, August, 1962. The English version of its recommendations to theExpand
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