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Influence of milking three times a day on milk quality.
Lactations were divided into three periods: early (1 to 99 d), mid (100 to 199 d), and late (200 to 299 d). One hundred Holsteins were randomly split into four groups that were balanced for parity.Expand
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Economic evaluation of pregnancy diagnosis in dairy cattle: a decision analysis approach.
Cost-benefit evaluations of several pregnancy diagnosis schemes were performed. The strategy using on-farm milk progesterone test on d 19 after service, followed by treatment of nonpregnant cows withExpand
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Evaluation of different protocols for prostaglandin synchronization to improve reproductive performance in dairy herds with low estrus detection efficiency.
The objective of this study was to evaluate different PGF2 alpha protocols against control protocols for herds with estrus detection efficiencies of 35, 55, and 75% using modeling and simulation: 1)Expand
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The Orientation of Pigeons at Gravity Anomalies
The means by which homing pigeons determine the direction to their home loft when released in unfamiliar territory remains a mystery. Hypotheses involving the sun (Matthews, 1953, 1955), CoriolisExpand
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Orientation of homing pigeons at magnetic anomalies
SummaryYoung homing pigeons released at a site on the edge of a magnetic anomaly and then in the center of the anomaly show better orientation at the anomalous site than birds released there for theExpand
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Magnetic Navigation in Pigeons: Possibilities and Problems
Recent evidence has led to a renewed interest in the possibility that pigeons may gain navigational information from the earth’s magnetic field. The various types of positional information availableExpand
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Homing of magnetized and demagnetized pigeons.
Homing pigeons appear to use the earth's magnetic field as a compass and perhaps as part of their position-finding system or 'map'. The sensory system they use to detect magnetic fields is unknown,Expand
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Homing pigeon navigation: the effects of in-flight exposure to a varying magnetic field
Abstract 1. 1. As a test of the idea that under sunny conditions pigeons use magnetic cues as part of their navigation system, homing pigeons were released while carrying packs that generated aExpand
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