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Historical Biogeography, Plate Tectonics, and the Changing Environment
Master files created using Canon EOS Rebel T1i/EOS 500D digital single-lens reflex cameras featuring CMOS sensor with 15.10 effective megapixels. Captured using Atiz BookDrive Mini and BookDriveExpand
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Attitudes of the public to mental health: A church congregation
Attitudes towards those with mental illness vary amongst different groups in society. These attitudes affect the daily experience of mental health service users. It has been suggested that those fromExpand
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Early management of adults with an uncomplicated first generalised seizure
A literature review of first seizures in adults was performed and a management algorithm was constructed. This review highlights the importance of a thorough history and examination, routineExpand
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Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with the Leeds-Keio prosthesis plus extra-articular tenodesis. Results after six years.
We describe 129 patients with disabling instability of the knee due to deficiency of the anterior cruciate ligament. They were treated by replacement of the ligament with a Leeds-Keio prosthesisExpand
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Critical care in the emergency department: patient transfer
The intrahospital and interhospital transfer of critically ill patients is an inevitable part of emergency department practice. Critically ill patients have a high risk of morbidity and mortalityExpand
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Handbook of Spirituality and Worldview in Clinical Practice
We all have a worldview. These beliefs underpin what we value, the things we consider worth treating or investigating and how we deal with people. All doctors, all people, need to consider their ownExpand
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Treatment and planning decisions in non-small cell carcinoma of the lung: an Australasian patterns of practice study.
Fourteen practising radiation oncologists were surveyed to assess their treatment and planning habits utilizing six sample cases of non-small cell carcinoma of the lung. Respondents were first givenExpand
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Waiting times and patient satisfaction in the accident and emergency department.
A survey of the waiting times and patients' opinions of these times was undertaken in a busy district general hospital A&E department. The various components of the overall waiting time are analysedExpand
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Can ambulance personnel intubate?
To assess the performance of intubation skills by advanced trained ambulance personnel, a prospective study was carried out of the intubation of cardiac arrest victims by ambulance personnel in theExpand
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Doctors' legal position in treating temporarily incompetent patients.
Doctors in accident and emergency departments are sometimes presented with patients with potentially life threatening conditions who refuse to consent to treatment. The doctors then face a dilemma:Expand
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