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β-blockers increase response to chemotherapy via direct antitumour and anti-angiogenic mechanisms in neuroblastoma
Background:The use of β-blockers for the management of hypertension has been recently associated with significant clinical benefits in cancer patients. Herein, we investigated whether β-blockersExpand
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Pre-Clinical Study of Panobinostat in Xenograft and Genetically Engineered Murine Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Models
Background Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), or high-grade brainstem glioma (BSG), is one of the major causes of brain tumor-related deaths in children. Its prognosis has remained poor despiteExpand
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the human reduced folate carrier: Characterization of a high-frequency G/A variant at position 80 and transport properties of the His27 and Arg27 carriers
The presence of sequence variants in the human reduced folate carrier ( hRFC ) was assessed in leukemia blasts from children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and in normal peripheral bloodExpand
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Therapeutic targeting of the MYC signal by inhibition of histone chaperone FACT in neuroblastoma
Histone chaperone FACT acts in a positive feedback loop with MYCN and is a therapeutic target in neuroblastoma. Uncovering the FACTs in neuroblastoma Neuroblastoma is a common pediatric cancer of theExpand
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P‐glycoprotein‐mediated methotrexate resistance in CCRF‐CEM sublines deficient in methotrexate accumulation due to a point mutation in the reduced folate carrier gene
We have previously described a series of methotrexate (MTX)‐selected CCRF‐CEM sublines (CEM/MTX R1–3) displaying increased resistance to drugs associated with the multidrug resistance phenotype andExpand
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Antenatal gastrointestinal anomalies in neonates subsequently found to have alveolar capillary dysplasia
Alveolar capillary dysplasia (ACD) is a rare condition with variable presentation and clinical course. Clinicians should consider this diagnosis in neonates presenting with nonlethal congenitalExpand
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A Menin-MLL Inhibitor Induces Specific Chromatin Changes and Eradicates Disease in Models of MLL-Rearranged Leukemia.
Inhibition of the Menin (MEN1) and MLL (MLL1, KMT2A) interaction is a potential therapeutic strategy for MLL-rearranged (MLL-r) leukemia. Structure-based design yielded the potent, highly selective,Expand
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Intrapancreatic splenunculus.
Intrapancreatic accessory spleens are uncommon, however, the recognition and appropriate confirmatory diagnostic imaging of an intrapancreatic splenunculus is important to avoid an unnecessaryExpand
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Remote frozen section examination of breast sentinel lymph nodes by telepathology
Intraoperative sentinel lymph node (SLN) examination during breast cancer surgery guides the need for immediate axillary clearance. This may be difficult to implement when surgery is performedExpand
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Targeted Doxorubicin-Loaded Bacterially Derived Nano-Cells for the Treatment of Neuroblastoma
Advanced stage neuroblastoma is an aggressive disease with limited treatment options for patients with drug-resistant tumors. Targeted delivery of chemotherapy for pediatric cancers offers promise toExpand
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